Me and My Padawan: Galaxy of Adventures

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an increased interest in Star Wars from my 3 year old Daughter, which has been at times, amazing and others almost stress inducing.

One of the biggest things she has enjoyed has been the ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ short animations on the ‘Star Wars Kids’ Youtube Channel.

As most parents of toddlers will know, is that there is a lot of repetition in what you watch, and I swear that I have watched the HAN AND CHEWIE episode at least 30 times. In close second place is GENERAL LEIA which tells a very quick life story of our favourite Princess turned General.

What has been great in watching these with her is seeing her pick up names for the characters, until recently she knew ‘Baby Yoda’, ‘Yoda’ ‘BB-8’ ‘Kylo’ and ‘Leia’ by sight but now talks about Darth Vader, Rey Chewie and Luke and with more watching I’ve got a feeling we’ll be starting the films in no time.

Who I really do feel sorry for is my wife, who enjoys Star Wars to a degree but one day on my week off we went through almost the whole ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ playlist… twice.

The episodes themselves, I find to be quite enjoyable for the most part, and as I am finding out, a great introduction to the franchise for youngsters as well as providing bite sized entertainment for all ages. The other great thing about this series is that my daughter has been introduced to some of the more scary aspects of the franchise such as The Wampa, which comes across much scarier in the series than in the film, the Sarlacc and Vader himself, I don’t know if I should be worried that she didn’t bat an eye when she saw the animated Vader do his corridor massacre from ‘Rogue One’.

In the past I have seen quite a few calls for Lucasfilm to make an animated feature in the same style, and whilst I think it would be great for them to branch out in that way, I feel like the heart of the series would be lost.

I can safely say that Lucasfilm has hit the jackpot with ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ (in my house at least) and I really hope that they keep churning them out, especially if I have to watch them repeatedly.

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