#CollectionCorner – The Black Series Expansion

As followers of the Blog will know, I am a big collector of Star Wars Lego and Funko POP! Figures, and for a time that was enough.

In my collecting past, I used to get the ‘Power of the Force 2’ action figures in the 90’s, and those are stashed away in the shed, buried under a load of boxes, but one day I’ll fish them out. I dabbled in the 3.75 inch figures from ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’ but due to space and my growing interest in the Lego and Funko collections I decided to knock those on the head.

I did make the decision back at Celebration 2016 to buy the exclusive Kylo Ren Black Series figure.

I mean, you can see why, it’s a gorgeous set right there and I put it up on the wall and it looked great.

Fast forward almost a year, I was on paternity leave after my daughter was born and a friend of mine found a bunch of Black Series on sale, including a ‘The Force Awakens’ Rey and BB-8 reissue with the lightsaber for a quarter of the usual price.

Thinking that it would look good next to the Kylo Ren I took him up on the offer to pick one up for me.

I added Rey and Kylo Black Series from both ‘The Last Jedi’ and ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ to my Amazon Wish List, thinking that one day I would get them when the price had dropped enough but was in no rush to get them.


For my birthday this year, my wife got these for me. Amazing, I was really pleased with them and I thought to myself that in time I would pick up the two from ‘The Last Jedi’ and that would be that.


Of course, Hasbro have decided to take those plans and throw them to the curb. I caught The Black Series bug, and after seeing all of the new figures they are releasing later this year, the whole crew from ‘Rebels’, the Beskar Armour Mandalorian, Snowspeeder Luke and Darth Vader from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and that beautiful packaging!

I had to buy more!

Top of the list were these two, finishing off my original wish list of Black Series figures, but I ended up getting a good look at some of the others, which has led to me getting this…

And it didn’t stop there either. My Wish List has grown, with a handful of the new ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ 40th Anniversary wave (I just ordered the Bespin Luke figure).

I have already made the decision to keep them in the boxes, I really don’t have the space to display them unboxed and I’ve got a pretty good plan of how to display them which should show them off quite nicely and keep them out of reach of my daughter’s hands who has taken a liking to the Rey figures.

Needless to say, I’m now a Black Series collector, I feel that I did well in holding off for this long.

If you want to get a closer look at some of these figures and other items in my collection, then head on over to THE PATREON PAGE where the first episode of the #CollectionCorner VLog will premiere this Friday for members of the $3 and $5 tiers.

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