Doctor Aphra Vol. 3 – Remastered Review

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the previous two Aphra books, ‘Remastered’ takes what we have loved about the series and upped the greatness to 11.

Some time has passed and Aphra is now working for 000 who has taken over the Son-Tuul Crime Syndicate and is using Aphra’s expertise to locate his original memory disc.

The adventure takes her to an Imperial Facility on Siomeilk, to Skako Minor and a hidden Imperial Research Facility in a true Indiana Jones, country hopping fashion.

Aphra is pursued by Imperial Inspectorate Magna Tolvan, and throughout their game of cat and mouse the sexual tension can be cut with a very dull spoon and their fleeting encounters are brilliant, each time the two get closer but end up being pulled away by their respective missions.

The switch in the respective status of both Aphra and 000 leads to some great conversations, 000 relishes his power over Aphra and continues to push her to realise how evil she is after her decisions on the mission lead to multiple deaths, not only of Stormtroopers but of her team as well.

The story also includes a welcome guest star with Hera Syndulla who is leading a training centre for Rebel Pilots, she is kidnapped and used as bait to get the crew into the secret Imperial Research facility which is brilliant, and what works so well is that even though we have a legacy character the story doesn’t revolve around Hera and the character yet could have been easily swapped for someone else but her inclusion is a fun addition for the fans of ‘Rebels’ to get to see her after the series has finished and seeing some of the things she is doing after the liberation of Lothal.

What really works for me is the fact that Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier have flipped the status quo of the characters and are exploring the new dynamic, it really gives us the sense that anything could happen, that the safe territory we have in most of the other comic runs we have had doesn’t exist here for the characters. We know that no matter what, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and the Droids are going to make it through the whole run of the Star Wars title. Vader will still be evil for the duration of his series and that no matter what the Empire throws at them, in the end the Rebellion will win the Battle of Endor. But with Aphra, the Galaxy is our oyster.

My favourite outing of the rogue archaeologist so far (remember I am very behind) and I’ve got the next volume ready and waiting for me to dive right in.

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