#CollectionCorner – Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Starfighter (2020)

Another year, another X-Wing.

It’s the fourth variation of the same ship since the first Force Friday back in 2015, which was the previous incarnation of Poe’s X-Wing (the black and orange one).

When this was announced/leaked I was disappointed, the majority of the Winter 2020 Wave felt like a bunch of updates with very few new builds.

But, once I build the Sith TIE Dagger, which, at the end of the day is a modified TIE Fighter set, and thoroughly enjoyed building it, I decided to carry on that nostalgia trip and got the new X-Wing.

The box contains six numbered bags, instruction booklet and a small sticker sheet.

The first bag builds the base of the rear end of the ship where he wings and engines connect to, as well as the wing opening mechanics. The front part is the cockpit area and Astromech slot where R2 will sit later.

Bag 1 also includes a Poe Dameron mini-fig with his flight helmet and also his infamous hair which can be swapped with the helmet. The mini-fig is the same version that came with the original Poe’s X-Wing from 2015.

We also get R2-D2 which is the same version that we go with Obi-Wan’s Hut.

Bag 2 adds the nose cone of the ship as well as the landing gears, the cockpit is built and decorated and the rear end has more added to build it all up. It’s here that you start to get a look at the vibrancy of the colour scheme.

Bag 3 completes the build on the main body of the X-Wing as well as adding the final parts to the wing opening mechanism.

Bag 3 also gives us the final two mini-figs. Firstly we get Jannah, the former Stormtrooper who joins with Finn to lead the ‘ground assault’ on the Star Destroyer during the Battle of Exogol. She has amazing printed detailing on the torso, a custom moulded hairpiece that includes her goggles, a bow and arrow weapon and a quiver attached to her back.

The second figure is one of the Knights of Ren which is unique to this set, this one is Vicrul who comes with a buildable scythe and a blaster. Once again it has great printed detailing and the mask looks great.

Bags 4 and 5 construct the four wings and the engine housings. The two lower wings also have missile launchers attached, leaving to top wings without them, a very nice aesthetic choice as those launchers can often look out of place.

The wings open using the lever in the centre of the back and close using the push lever underneath, four rubber bands help keep the wings in the open position and this time they are added to the sides of the wings, one at the front and one at the back on each side.

Bag six finishes the set nicely, adding the blaster cannons, engine details at the front and back and some small greebles on the wings.

Overall, it’s a great set. Visually it’s very striking and stands out against most other Star Wars sets which generally come in black/grey/white so the orange and blue really help it stand out in the crowd.

I feel like this is a much sleeker looking version of the T-70 X-Wing then the previous two versions (which was the same set just different colours) and once again Lego has pushed the X-Wong design forward just a little bit more.

Whilst it is still another X-Wing set, it does look good, it has a decent selection of mini-figs, Vicrul is only available here and adding Jannah gives collectors the chance to get her mini-fig without paying the £150 for a Millennium Falcon.

The set had an RRP of £89.99, I was able to get £10 using Lego VIP codes which made the price a bit more bearable for me, but if you’re after the set then its an ok price but it won’t be long before Amazon starts dropping the prices of the Winter wave in time for the new sets for Summer.

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