Speculation! Star Wars Jedi: Franchise Ideas

Recently, during an earnings call, the head of EA Games announced that last years ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ will be the beginning of a new franchise of games. Whilst this isnt a big surprise, as Respawn had already been open about the fact they were hiring new staff to work on the inevitable sequel, the fact that its now a franchise opens it up to a whole bunch of opportunities, and of course a whole mess of thoughts rattling around in the old brain-pan as to what we could see in future installments of the series.

Just a reminder, this is purely speculation and things I think would be cool to see in the series, not spoilers or rumours.

More Playable Characters

I’m not saying I want them to introduce a whole batch of new characters into the Mantis family, but I would love a future installment to let us play as Cere and Merrin. Both characters would give the players a chance to use new and different Force skills.

With Merrin we could use her Nightsister magics and abilities in battle. Despite their prominence in ‘The Clone Wars’, we still know very little about the Nightsister’s skillsets and getting the chamce to play as one would be a fantastice opportunity to find out.

Through ‘Fallen Order’, we learn that Cere touched the Dark Side after she found out that Trilla had become one of Vader’s Inquisitors and we see her struggle against the Dark Side during the final level but Cal helps bring her back to the Light. But imagine playing as her, having access to some Dark Side abilities and perhaps add a game mechanic to track her Force alligence throughout the game as you play as her, even make obstacles that require her to use Dark Side powers through missions.

Dark Cere

Following on from that, perhaps have Cere eventually fall to the Dark Side and become a villain in the franchise. Even have her seeming die in a battle during one game and then have her return in a future installment of the franchise.

This could lead to some great story opportunities and challenges, especially for Cal who would always look to Cere as a teacher and friend. She could even become one of the Inquisitors, whilst not leading them (the Grand Inquisitor could even appear though) she could become quite prominent within their ranks, especially seeing as both the Second and Ninth Sisters have been killed in the first game.

More Inquisitors

We don’t have tonnes of information about the Inquisitorium, we have seen a handful of the group in ‘Rebels’ and delved a bit deeper (but not much) in Charles Soule’s ‘Darth Vader’ series but having the games expand on what we already know and introduce more of them into the canon could make them more of a force to be reckoned with.

They could even bring in a fan-favourite Dark Side user from the Legends timeline. Who wouldn’t want to see Starkiller from ‘The Force Unleashed’ make his canon timeline introduction and be a foil for Cal and of course bring back Sam Witwer to play the character. And just to top it all off, Starkiller could be Cere’s companion, much like Cal is in the first game, putting the two of them squarely at odds just based on that alone.

Ship Battles

I love it when we get to fly ships in the games. I love that we got to pilot fighters in the ‘Battlefront 2’ Campaign and I would love to get a chance to experience it again, throw Cal into the cockpit or even play as Greez in the pilots seat.

And to add more to the experience you could play as another character using the weapons, but seeing as The Mantis doesn’t seem to have weapons like the Millennium Falcon’s Quad Laser Turrets, it could get a bit boring just having them sat at a console targeting fighters so probably having the player pilot the ship would be a better choice.

Familiar Planets

Just imagine, infiltrating Vader’s Castle and having that final battle against Cere, or even Vader?

Of course you couldn’t defeat Vader, but what if the final game revolves around the Cal/Cere rivalry and it ends with her death (inevitable) or her redemption (standard). Her redemption could even play into a final Vder fight which of course would end with her dead, but would give Cal a chance to escape (and instantly two levels).

Or how about a return to Coruscant and infiltrating the former Jedi Temple. We’ve seen it happen in the ‘Darth Vader’ comics so who’s to say it couldn’t happen again?

All I ask is they keep the story in the games separate from ones that could be going on concurrently, lets not have the Ghost crew meet up with the Mantis crew. Maybe keep the Mantis crew away from the growing Rebellion. There must be plenty of Force related shennanigans they could be getting involved with and with the upcoming ‘High Republic’ publishing event, more opportunities to tie the timelines together in some way.

This of course is just a handful of things I think would be amazing if they happened in any of the games in this series, but of course it did all speculation and whatever we get, based on ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’, will be great.

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