What Differences Should We Expect Between the High Republic Jedi and the Jedi of the Prequel Era?

Something I have been contemplating for a while, which I started thinking about more after we got the descriptions of the main ‘High Republic’ characters is what will the state of the Jedi Order be in comparison to the Order during the Prequel Era?

We can already see the differences in the visual style of their clothing. The monk-like attire we have been used to since ‘A New Hope’ is gone, replaced with ornately decorated robes that seem to display their status within the Order.

Like their Prequel Era counterparts, they have an armoured version to their attire, this time as part of their exploration gear rather than the armoured Jedi of the Clone Wars.

Other than the aesthetic of the Jedi of the High Republic, I’m wondering about what the Jedi Order will be like in terms of how they operate. One thing we know is that they will operate as the “guardians of peace and justice” as Obi-Wan once told Luke, and as we learned from the High Republic launch event, they will act like the Texas Rangers, patrolling the borders of the known galaxy as well as exploring beyond those borders.

But will they work as closely with the Republic Senate as the Jedi of the Prequels? Hopefully not, as it was that close relationship that was detrimental to the values the Order were meant to uphold, but as the Jedi grew closer to the Senate itself, like Dooku in ‘Dooku: Jedi Lost’ actively speaking before the Senate and becoming kore and more like the Senate’s own Galactic Police Force brought the Jedi more and more into the Political realm.

I hope we will get to see the Jedi frequenting other Temples rather than being solely based in the Coruscant Temple. I think that we could see the Coruscant Temple becoming more and more prominent as the series goes on, seeing as the High Republic Era could span the full 200 years leading up to The Skywalker Saga, but what events would lead the Jedi closing in? Perhaps throughout the series we will begin to see the politicisation of the Order and as that occurs, more and more Temples fall into disuse, becoming relics like the ones we see on Lothal in ‘Rebels’, or the one Luke, Ben and Lor San Tekka visit in ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ issue 2.

In terms of how they deal with the main villains of the series, I feel like the Jedi of the High Republic will respond much better and more proactively towards the Nihil, rather than the blind arrogance displayed by the Jedi of the Prequel Era when even the thought of the return of the Sith is mentioned.

My final thought about the differences (and I am sure there will be many, many more) is about the lightsabers. I’ve never been one to hold to the theories about what different lightsaber colours meant about the type of Jedi someone is in the past, but we have been presented with images of the new Jedi characters wielding various colours of lightsabers. Of course there were the usual blue and green, and even a purple, but there are even yellow, white and one with a “darksaber” type blade. Of course we have seen these colours before, Ahsoka has white blades in ‘Rebels’, Rey has a yellow blade at the end of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and of course, the Darksaber is a relic passed throughout Mandalorian history, but you can argue that Ahsoka isn’t a Jedi when she purifies the crystals she takes from the Inquisitor in ‘Ahsoka’, yes Rey is a Jedi, but she’s the beginning of a new era for the Order and whilst a Mandalorian Jedi created the Darksaber, it hasn’t been possessed by a Jedi for thousands of years. Will these colours of lightsabers be an important aspect of the Jedi Order of the High Republic?

No matter what, the Jedi of both eras will be different, there’s no doubt and I’m looking forward to seeing how different and what leads the Order to evolve into what we see in the Prequels.

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