#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 9

Here we go, the penultimate entry into the the Death Star build. I imagine this was how Krennic felt close to the events of ‘Rogue One’.

This section is essentially the floor of the top section with a few added bits here and there.

The first part is the floor that covers the Super Weapon area, securing it in place by housing the top of the mechanism so it won’t fall over.

Part 2 of the section lays the foundation for the meeting room where Vader chokes Motti for having a lack of faith. So far we have the beginnings of the table and spinners for the chairs.

This section also has an addition underneath (on the ceiling of the Detention Block) which is one of the camera’s that Han, Luke and Chewie destroy when they start their rescue of Leia.

Part three of this section really is the juiciest part of the whole section with two Turbo Lasers that move side to side and the cannons lift up and down. They are controlled simultaneously by a rod that is underneath the floor (the ceiling of the Emperor’s Throne Room) and the cannons are controlled by gears on the sides of them.

Part 4 builds the floor of the Droid Maintenance area and also had the landing claw that hold Vader’s TIE Advanced that hangs in the Hanger Bay which can be rotated by the gear that is in the middle of the grated area.

A solid start for the top level, great details and play features added for the lower level and a surprising sense of dread that soon the build will be over.

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