Star Wars: Issue 4 – The Destiny Path Part 4

Following on from the last issue, which, as I said in my review, felt like a set up for this issue (and I feel I was right to a degree), we find our heroes in respective spots of bother.

Lando is locked in the core of Cloud City with Lobot who is hooked up to the central computer and a squad of Stormtroopers trying to blow their way in.

Leia is frozen in Carbonite and being escorted to a hanger bay and Luke is trying to find his lightsaber way in the Cloud City junk pile.

Lobot saves Lando who frees his friend whilst Luke has a vision as he attempts to use the Force to find his post weapon in which he sees Leia frozen and a mysterious woman on a distant planet who seems to be calling to him.

Luke meets up with Lando and Lobot, using the Force to throw a bunch of Stormtroopers out of a window and ultimately into the aforementioned junk pile.

They rescue Leia and a group of other Carbon Frozen Cloud City citizens who fight off the Stormtroopers in the hanger. Leia, Lando, Lobot and the freed citizens steal a Landing Craft and leave to find the Rebel Alliance whilst Luke retrieves his X-Wing and together with R2, heads off to follow his vision.

My feeling whilst reading this issue was that we are still in the set-up phase of the storytelling. The heroes seem to escape or resolve their problems from the previous issue rather quickly and move on to the next thing with very little time to breathe.

I feel that the Leia frozen in Carbonite could have been a really fun ongoing story for a few issues that would Force Luke and Lando to work together, allowing their relationship to grow and develop into what we see in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

The lightsaber plot line felt rushed. He obviously won’t find it in the junk, but suddenly he can use the Force again, has a vision which, if you remember last time that happened, Luke rushed off and failed, what does he do now? Rushes off to follow his vision again. It’s almost like he hasn’t learned that valuable lesson from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. Granted this is only set a few days after that but to throw caution to the wind again that soon would be insane. Part of me is feeling a bit wary that we won’t get much growth in Luke’s character until quite late on in this run and it could feel quite sudden as the story approaches ‘Return of the Jedi’. Or I could be completely wrong and that he will end up following a bunch of visions that will lead to the character growth and it will be gradual.

The convenient moments continue in the Hanger where Luke and Lando free Leia and the Cloud City citizens and the moment they have blasters and fight off the Stormtroopers, Leia asks if anyone wants to join the Rebellion. Well you’d imagine one or two would scoff at that but no, everyone comes along and then celebrate Lando for rescuing them. I get the feeling that we will be seeing a bunch of stuff happening to Lando that will bite him on the backside later on which will make him more humble and see him become a Rebel leader.

Honestly, whilst it has some great moments, this issue just seems rushed and full of conveniently placed plot devices to speed the story along. I hope that Charles Soule has some magic up those sleeves of his because right now I’m really not feeling this run, and seeing as Comixology has upped the prices on digital comics I’m not going to carry on reading an ongoing series I’m not really enjoying.

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