Some Housekeeping

As you may know, the Life Debt Podcast is approaching it’s 100th Episode (YAY)!

However, Episode 100 will be the final episode of the Podcast for a while as I take a break. I have been disappointed with the Podcast recently, I’ve been getting frustrated with the not-so-great quality and now the news is starting to dry up I feel that now is a good enough time to sit back, take a break and try to come up with some ideas on how to shake things up and improve the show, so this isn’t the end of the show, just a hiatus.

As you may have noticed, I have recently started posting things on YouTube, this will continue, I will be posting some content that would have previously been on the Podcast, i.e. ‘The Clone Wars’ reactions, so some content will still be available.

I’d like to thank all of the listeners of the Podcast, inparticular the Patreon Members for their support and fear not, the Patreon Content won’t be affected by any of this at all. In fact I have some ideas for new Patreon Content.

Of course, this hiatus will be temporary. I want to be back in full swing by the time Celebration comes around with ‘Season Two’ of the ‘Life Debt Podcast’ so watch this space, and until then, who knows, there could be some content hitting the feed in the meantime.

And please, if you are reading this, then send in an E-Mail/Voicemail to to be a part of Episode 100, ‘The Season Finale’.

Thank you for visiting My Star Wars Life Debt.

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