#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Sections 5 and 6


Section 5

Halfway there!!!

The fifth section is THE MIDDLE. The whole of the middle floor is built in this section and it’s done in four quarters.

The different sections are (anti-clockwise from top left) The Emperor’s Throne Room, Docking Bay, Superlaser Control and finally the Detention Block.

The Docking Bay has a hole in the floor where the lift on the lower level can raise into, the Throne Room has a pair of holes with a walkway across to show where the final battle between Luke and Vader ends and there’s a final hole in the Detention Block leading straight into the Trash Compactor.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say about this bit. Build-wise it doesn’t feel repetitive which was good and the details on the floor are decent enough to indicate what will be built in each section later on rather than leaving us guessing.

Section 6

Section Six builds the whole of the Emperor’s Throne Room for Return of the Jedi. This includes two walls, one of which has the viewport through which Luke, Vader and Palpatine are able to watch the Battle of Endor.

Other than the walls, the main part of this section is the area that holds Palpatine’s Throne. It is raised off the floor and has a staircase leading up to it. On either side of the throne are the circular pods that have blue lights, whose function in the film seem to be purely decorative until Luke jumps on one to push himself onto the walkway opposite.

We also get four new mini-figs in this section. Two of Palpatine’s Royal Guards, Emperor Palpatine himself, with Force Lightning attachments and Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker in his ‘Return of the Jedi’ outfit and green lightsaber. All decent mini-figs and well detailed.

In terms of play features, the Throne rotates like in the film and the walkway collapses when the legs are knocked out from under it, to emulate when Vader throws his lightsaber at Luke in an effort to have him fight.

I was really looking forward to this section and it really didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to figure out how I will set it up when it comes to displaying it.

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