Poe Dameron Vol. 4 – Legend Found


Lor San Tekka is found… breaking into a high security vault on Cato Nemoidia and arrested.

Leia, Poe and Black Squadron head off to find him and break him out.

Poe manages to get him out of his cell whilst Leia distracts the Nemoidian’s. They get Tekka onto their ship but the plan goes wrong and Black Squadron has to face off against a whole squadron of Droid Starfighters. In the midst of the battle, Pope’s ship, and Lewis’s transport are stolen by Terex and Malarus and he has to use an old V-Wing Fighter. BB-8 disrupts the Starfighter long enough for it to crash, killing Malarus but the little Droid gets away. The transport, however is gone.

Terex has found a way to bypass his implants by electrocuting them and his plant is to double cross the First Order, they get rid of the implants and let him go free in return for Lor San Tekka, to which Phasma agrees.

Once the implants are out and he’s free, he gives both the First Order and The Resistance Lor San Tekka’s location, in a space suit, floating out there all alone.

The two forces battle around him but the Resistance is successful, they rescue Tekka and take him to their base where Leia asks for his help. He promises that she will do what he can to help and will be in touch.

This arc seems to bring the main narrative of the series to a fitting end, Lor San Tekka and Poe are now in place to have their meeting at the beginning of ‘The Force Awakens’, Terex has abandoned the First Order and is no longer under their control, and seemingly no longer a threat to the Resistance and the stage is almost set for Poe and BB-8 to get involved with Kazuda Xiono in ‘Star Wars: Resistance’.

We really get to know the other pilots from this series here as well, Snap and Karé have relationship issues that lead to them getting married, which pays off in ‘Resistance Reborn’, Jess continues to have issues with Astromech Droids until BB-8’s friend Ivee joins her and later saves her late during the big battle against the First Order.

It’s a fun filled, action packed book that really nicely ties the main narrative together and brings it to a great conclusion. Well worth a read for anyone who loves Poe Dameron as much as I do… or even a fraction of that.

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