#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 4


When I fished out all of the bags for Section 4 I had a mild panic. There were only three bags as opposed to the usual (so far) four.

Once I opened them all up and sorted the pieces into a somewhat ordered set of piles I realised why, this Section isn’t a huge construction effort, instead it’s a case of finishing off this level of the set.

First up was the mechanism to open and close the Trash Compactor walls which uses the rod at the front to pull the beams connected to the red rods to operate the feature. This is attached to the two grey walls surrounding that area.

The second part is the Tractor Beam terminal that Obi-Wan uses to free the Falcon. It’s a nice little build that has an unexpected but fun play feature where you slide one of the panels out which lets the blue core slide down into the housing. It looks quite flimsy being attached to the wall by only 1×2 studs but underneath two rods secure it to the wall so it won’t fall.

Next up, the trash for the Trash Compactor. Whilst it’s essentially placing some tubes and making a couple of bits, I don’t understand why they would put this separate from the building of the door mechanism at the beginning of this Section. Anyway, one of the bits you make is the long pole that Han and Leia try to use to keep the walls from closing. The walls are able to close over the ‘trash’ so it doesn’t hinder the play feature and adds some fun details.

The next part is the Turbolaser. It’s incredibly detailed and looks amazing and jade room for two Gunners to sit and operate it. It has two flick missiles and two spares that hang on the wall.

The last part of the build here was the crane and the lift which attaches to the winch and string, allowing the lift to move up and down as you turn the handle. The crane has a seat for a mini-fig and the arm can move up and down with possible claws allowing it to grab items but it is a stationary item so other than the arm it can’t be moved as part of play.

We get another three mini-figs in this section, two Imperial Gunners and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The details on these are pretty good, both of the gunners have heads with comm-devices printed on them and the outfit details on the two are spot on. The Obi-Wan has a nicely detailed body and legs which have his Jedi Robes printed on rather than a separate cloak piece. Obi-Wan comes with his lightsaber but the Gunners are weaponless (unless you count the giant Turbolaser).

Overall, this Section was a really nice breather from the big sections we have had in the last few Sections, especially with the whole of the next floor being built in the next section (by floor I mean the base of the next level) which will be a hefty build.

One thing (well two) that I noticed is that the Turbolaser build in this set is almost identical to the one released late last year which also came with a slightly modified Tractor Beam generator and a ‘Hanger Door’. It’s not all bad that Lego are putting some smaller parts of the Death Star out for consumers, the ‘Death Star Escape’ set that features the chasm is a great build but to basically take a part of this set and add a couple of bits to it to justify a certain price feels a bit lacklustre when they could have released another set from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ or ‘The Mandalorian’ which I’m sure the collectors and consumers would probably have preferred.

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