#CollectionCorner – Lego Star Wars Summer 2020 Rumours

Everyone! Good news! We’re getting some decent sounding Lego sets in the summer!!!

Everyone! Bad news! According to rumours there’s nothing from ‘The Mandalorian’, but that’s ok… for now.

BRICKFANATICS has put out a rumoured list of upcoming sets that will be released during the Summer, with the main focus being on ‘The Clone Wars’ which is understandable (why not in the Spring wave though) and I’ll be rushing out to get them (do I sell my tickets to Celebration to find this venture though?).

Taking a look at another Lego site, JEDIJACPENGUIN, this list seems to be legit and some added details have come to light.

The sets we are getting are, including rumoured price (US Dollars):

  1. BARC Speeder – $30
  2. Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor – $30
  3. AAT – $40
  4. Night Buzzard – $70
  5. General Grievous Starfighter – $80
  6. AT-AT – $150

Not a bad selection really, seeing as the last two Waves have mainly been updated version of recent sets or modified versions (Sith TIE Fighter).

Of course, five of these have been made before but it’s been quite a while that they are due a bit of an upgrade.

Luckily for me, not so much for my wallet, I’m interested in this whole selection.

My main focus of course will be the Night Buzzard, the ship used by the Knights of Ren in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, I had been hoping for this one and hopefully it will come with all six of the Knights. I will also be clamouring for the AT-AT, which is going to be the big ’40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back’ set, which makes sense, seeing as other possible sets they could do this with, Snowspeeder, Yoda’s Hut and Cloud City have all been released in the past couple of years and any re-release would be redundant at this point.

My big hope for the AT-AT is that they bring back the motorised function that Lego added many years ago, it seems like such a great feature that I’d love to have it. It would also be my first AT-AT set, so I’m feeling pretty excited.

I am looking forward to the Clone Wars sets too, but I would have liked to see a couple more, The Twilight, which was the ship Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan used through the series, it’s been released once before and would be a great one to bring back (in my opinion) and a Republic Gunship, which they could make to resemble to one used by The Bad Batch, with the Padmé pinup art and have the mini-figs of Clone Squad 99, as well as Rex and Cody.

The BARC Speeder seems a bit pricey, hopefully there will be a bit more than the one vehicle and a handful of mini-figs. Maybe two speeders?

The Jedi Interceptor has been released a handful of times, the last in 2014/2015 but after five years it’s due to a rerelease and again, having it come out with ‘The Clone Wars’ makes sense.

I have never had an AAT set before, it’s come out a few times but I’m all in for it this time around. Hopefully we’ll get a decent selection of mini-figs rather than just Battle Droids.

The big Clone Wars set is General Grievous’s Starfighter. It looks to be either quite big or really overpriced. I wonder if this will be the set we get a Clone Wars era Obi-Wan mini-fig. Also I’m looking forward to see how the Grievous figure looks and if it’ll be updated from the last time which was again, in 2014/2015 on his Wheel Bike.

It’s a decent looking batch of sets, which makes up for the last couple of waves, I’m assuming that they are holding sets from ‘The Mandalorian’ until closer to the release of Season 2.

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