My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars Season 6 Part 2

In the run up to the new season of Clone Wars, I am going to finally finish my rewatch of the series, of course finish my reviews.

For the rest of the available episodes I am changing the format slightly, I will now focus on arcs as a whole rather than what I had been doing before.

In this post I will be looking at the ‘The Return of Clovis Arc’ and ‘The Disappeared Arc’.

The Return of Clovis Arc

This arc is made up of three episodes, ‘An Old Friend’, ‘The Rise of Clovis’ and ‘Crisis at the Heart’.

In an attempt to speed up a transaction from the Banking Clan to the Republic, Padmé is sent to speed things along. The Banking Clan assigns Rush Clovis to be her liaison, initially unhappy, Clovis convinces Padmé to work with him to expose the fact that The Banking Clan is almost bankrupt.

They come up with a plan where Padmé is able to enter the vault and whilst a distraction happens she will download a list of the vault contents to a datapad.

The plan goes ahead, Padmé’s handmaiden plants a bomb on a generator which shuts down the power to the vault, unfortunately, she is killed by the Bounty Hunter Embo.

Padmé gets the information and as she and Clovis take a look, she is arrested for espionage. Anakin arrives to oversee Padmé’s release and she informs him that Clovis has information they need. Angry and reluctantly, Anakin agrees to take Padmé to Clovis’ home. Once there they find it’s been ransacked but Clovis appears unharmed.

As they leave they steel attacked by Embo again and their escape becomes a perilous adventure that ends with them onboard the Republic ship being piloted by R2.

The Banking Clan are unhappy that Padmé has left with Clovis and the information but it turns out they have secret vaults that only the Banking Clan leaders know about.

On Coruscant, Anakin, Padmé and Clovis are net by Master Yoda. They meet with a group made up of Senators and Jedi. He pleads his case, telling them that the Banking Clan leadership has become corrupt and puts himself forward to replace them. Palpatine gives him his endorsement.

At a Padmé’s apartment, she and Clovis are going over the Banking Clan’s data when he takes an opportunity to make a move on s Padmé just as Anakin arrives. Anakin flips out and beats Clovis within an inch of his life.

The fight ends, Clovis covers for Anakin before going into a bedroom to be checked over by a Medical Droid. Padmé essentially tells Anakin that she thinks their marriage was doomed to fail and that she needs done space.

It turns out that the Medical Droid works for Count Dooku who offers to rectify the issues with the Separatist’s loan repayments and gives Clovis his endorsement also.

The next day Clovis presents his case to the Senate and has a landslide victory, becoming the new head of the Banking Clan. Anakin and Palpatine discuss Clovis and how they both distrust him.

Clovis takes control of the Banking Clan and is soon contacted by Count Dooku who manipulates Clovis and sends an invasion force to Scipio.

Padmé, who is on the planet representing the Republic during the transition is taken captive and the Senate votes to send an army to take Scipio and bring it under Republic control.

Anakin is put in charge of the mission and once the Republic fleet arrives and their attack is underway, Dooku escapes, trying to frame Clovis and make it look like he was always in league with the Separatists.

The planet is easily won, with Dooku’s fleet leaving quickly but the battle on the planet continues, and a Droid Bomber is shot down and it crashes into the Banking Clan’s headquarters, with Anakin, Padmé and Clovis inside. Clovis and Padmé fall from the building but Anakin catches them both but isn’t strong enough to save them. Clovis lets go, sacrificing himself.

Anakin pulls Padmé to safety and the two of them share a moment, their issues forgotten.

I really don’t enjoy this arc. I think it’s because I’m really not interested in the Clovis character. I understand his purpose in the series, a sort of competitor for Padmé’s affections that allows us to see Anakin’s growing dark side and how his feelings for Padmé are, in a way, very unhealthy.

The arc does pose a big question, which is whether or not their marriage is doomed. We all know the outcome though which makes it seem redundant.

Another reason I feel apathetic towards these episodes is that, due to the short episode count of the sixth season, I would have hoped that all of the episodes progressed the story to where the characters end up in ‘Revenge of the Sith’. The big outcome though is that the Senate grants Palpatine’s Office the control of the banks, showing his consolidation of power that leads into his story in ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

Had this been one, or maybe two episodes in a full length season, I may not feel so uninterested, but unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the series, the rest of the episodes were never finished (until next Friday that is).

The Disappeared Arc

This arc is made up of two episodes, ‘The Disappeared Parts One and Two’.

The Senate is contacted by Queen Julia of Batdotta, a neutral system whose ruling council is disappearing.

The Queen has requested that Jar-Jar be the representative to aid them as they distrust the Jedi.

Mace Windu goes with Jar-Jar but is left out of any meetings with the Queen, not only because of the distrust, but because Queen Julia and Jar-Jar are having a secret relationship.

The Queen vanished whilst Mace and Jar-Jar are talking and the remaining Council members believe it to be the work of a cult who worship Malmourral. One of the Queen’s guards leads Mace and Jar-Jar to the underground temple but Jar-Jar starts to disappear after encountering someone in there.

Mace chases the screaming Gungan who reappears in a cage where he can see the Queen. They watch as one of the Council has their Force Essence drained from them and then dies, they trap the Living Force in an Orb before Mace arrives. Jar-Jar is freed but the Queen is taken to a ship that escapes.

Mace and Jar-Jar follow the ship to Zardossa Stix where they chase the cultists through the city and across the desert.

At a temple, the cultists arrive with Queen Julia, shortly before the one they call The Great Mother, who turns out to be Mother Talzin who wants to use the Living Force essence to grow her powers.

Shortly before the ritual was to start, Jar-Jar and Mace arrive but are stopped by the Stone Guardians which are quickly defeated and Binks takes one of their weapons. They manage to intervene, Mace fights Talzin who has a Nightsister version of a lightsaber whilst Jar-Jar frees the Queen. A cultist tried to stop the rescue but between than, Jar-Jar and Julia get away just in time for the ritual to start. The cultist is in the way and his Living Force essence is sucked into the orb which falls to the ground and shatters, freeing all the energy.

Talzin picks up the remains of the orb before disappearing. Mace, Jar-Jar and Julia leave the temple.

Jar-Jar has a girlfriend. Who would have thought?

I think this is a safe enough place to say this, but I enjoy the Jar-Jar episodes. I don’t know what it is but they don’t bother me. They used to, on my first watch-through of the series but now I really do quite like them.

The team-up of Mace and Jar-Jar feels like a comedic buddy-cop film. Think Lethal Weapon in space and you’re almost there. And what’s even better is that Mace is the audience, completely mystified by the fact that someone asked Jar-Jar for help but of course, through the arc, comes to understand and tolerate him, much like the audience over time coming around to the character.

It was great having Ahmed Best back as the character. The episodes where he didn’t do the voice were quite jarring and took some getting used to.

We also get some Nightsister lore, we find out that Talzin isn’t Force Sensitive and that she needs this ritual to become Force Sensitive, which is an interesting revelation .

I must admit I liked this arc far more than ‘The Clovis Arc’, it’s a lot more fun and enjoyable, rather than a drawn out “love triangle” that is dull before it even begins.

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