Star Wars Vol. 8 – Mutiny at Mon Cala

In an attempt to build a fleet for the Rebel Alliance, Leia attempts to recruit the Mon Cala to their cause.

The Regent of the planet doesn’t accept her invitation and the Rebels try to find a way to change his mind.

Leia comes up with a plan that involves Queen Trios from Shu-Toren. They find a Clawdite actor who impersonates the Moff of Mon Cala whilst Han, Leia, Luke and Chewie kidnap the actual Moff and use him to access the prison cell where King Lee Char is being held.

The King is on his deathbed but he manages to record a speech that they record onto a Security Droid. They are found and the Guards attack, killing the Moff and the King. The Rebels escape and meet with the Regent.

The Regent takes the footage and leaves, without making any indication that he will join the Rebellion.

The Rebels leave the planet as the Regent broadcasts the footage of King Lee Char to the Mon Cala fleet. The Mon Cala on the ships attack their outnumbered Imperial handlers but the Imperial Fleet arrives.

Luckily the Regent had contacted the Rebellion and a Rebel Fleet arrives. The Imperial Blockade is too strong to break through but Admiral Ackbar has an idea. On of the Mon Cala ships is evacuated save for the Captain and it approached the lead Star Destroyer.

The Mon Cala ship has a shipment of Coaxium and the explosion disables the lead Destroyer, allowing the Rebel and Mon Cala ships to escape.

Leia and Trios discuss their success and when Leia leaves, Trios contacts Vader, telling him where to locate the Rebels.

Kieron Gillen really ramps it up with this story and we are able to learn a lot about the state of Mon Cala under the Imperial rule. King Lee Char has been imprisoned and is dying and the care of the planet has been left to a regent, who it seems is under the Imperial thumb so to speak. The Regent’s defiance at the end was slightly surprising and it led to a fantastic action sequence, which tops the space battle in the ‘Vader Down’ cross over which, up until now had been my favourite in this series.

The adventure with the heroes together is fun and refreshing. Like, Han and Leia have spent quite a bit of time apart in this series, and even when on missions together they don’t really work together much, but having them united for the whole story was great this time around.

The reveal that Trios is essentially double crossing the Rebels doesn’t come across as much of a shock when its revealed at the end especially knowing that the series is building towards more of her and more of Shu-Toren it did seem inevitable. But knowing that Vader is possibly on the way is exciting.

A great entry to the series, Kieron Gillen’s second book keeps the pace going with great content, Larroca’s art continues to look like shots from the films so I feel I have said as much as I can on that, but his take on the action is amazing.

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