My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars Season 6 Part 1

In the run up to the new season of Clone Wars, I am going to finally finish my rewatch of the series, of course finish my reviews.

For the rest of the available episodes I am changing the format slightly, I will now focus on arcs as a whole rather than what I had been doing before.

In this post I will be looking at the ‘The Order 66 Arc’.

The Order 66 Arc

In the middle of a huge and important battle, Clone Trooper Tup starts to feel strange and suddenly, he approaches Jedi Master Tiplar and shoots her, point blank, killing her.

Her sister, Tiplee and Anakin arrive, Fives restrains Tup and the Republic Army retreats.

This was witnessed by Admiral Trench and he contacts Count Dooku who in turn contacts Darth Sidious who commands that the Clone be retrieved and sent to Kamino.

Tup is loaded onto a transport which is intercepted by Droids who kill all the clones and take Tup back to their ship. Anakin, Rex and Fives go to rescue him and manage to get on board the Shuttle he was being taken away on and rescue him.

They put Tup on another ship and he is escorted by Rex and Fives to Kamino.

On Kamino, Tup is examined and the Doctors find nothing wrong. A Medical Droid recommends a more intense scan but the Doctor disagrees, Fives convinces the Droid to perform the scan whilst the Doctor and Lama Su speak to Lord Tyrannus about a defective inhibitor chip.

The Droid finds a tumour in Tup’s brain and removes it, after which, Tup tells Fives about an ongoing nightmare that all Clones have where the mission never ends. Tup dies immediately after.

Shaak Ti consults with Palpatine about this tumour, telling him that the Jedi Council have requested to have it sent to them for analysis, Palpatine overrules the request and asks for it to be sent to the Grand Republic Medical Facility instead.

With Tup dead, the Kaminoans are preparing to send the faulty chip to Coruscant with Shaak Ti but the Doctor switches the cases. Gives witnesses this and as he is on his way to have more skyways done before going back to duty he encounters the Droid who helped him. The speak briefly and Fives is told that he’s about to hymen’s his memory erased and sent to work as a janitor. Fives causes a distraction and the two escape.

They create a diversion and return to the facility, stealing a Clones armour and find out that the genetic make-up of the chip doesn’t come from Jango Fett. More research shows that it is introduced to the Clones at Stage 3 of their gestation.

Fives has the Droid remove his chip and after talking with the Doctor and Shaak Ti, Fives is to go to Coruscant with the Jedi Master and Tup’s faulty chip.

On Coruscant, Fives is brought before Chancellor Palpatine after the Doctor drugs him, he makes very little sense and after Palpatine sends everyone but his two security guards and Fives from the room, the Supreme Chancellor speaks to Fives alone before calling for help. Everyone returns to find Fives pointing a plaster at the Chancellor, he escapes the Medical Facility before heading to a Clone Bar.

At the bar, he takes a drunk Corporals cap to hide his tattoo and finds Kicks (a member of the 501st) in the bathroom. He asks Kicks to get Rex and Skywalker to meet him and gives his comrade a location.

Rex and Anakin meet with Fives who traps them in a Ray Shield and tells them about the conspiracy that goes right to Palpatine. Unfortunately a security Droid saw Fives and a squad of Troopers arrives. They blast Fives before freeing Rex and Anakin. Fives speaks to Rex before he dies, telling him the conspiracy is bigger than any of them and that the nightmares can finally be over.

Later, in Palpatine’s Office, he tells Anakin, Yoda, Mace and Shaak Ti that the Doctor had missed the true cause of the breakdown of Tup and Five’s chip (lies), a Parasite local to the location of the opening battle.

On Syrenno, Dooku receives both chips and contacts Darth Sidious, telling him the Jedi suspect nothing. Sidious is pleased and orders Dooku to destroy all evidence and that nothing will stand in the way of Order 66.

An overall good story arc, it doesn’t however, for me, go on too long. They really could have streamlined the second episode and incorporated the third part to make it a three part story.

We do learn some interesting things though, the Kaminoans are in on Order 66 it seems, the Doctor spends a lot of time covering up to chip and it’s true nature, but it well played out because in ‘Attack of the Clones’ Lama Su does talk about making the Clones more docile than Jango Fett. A great connection between the series and films and a well placed cover-up.

I was sorry to see Fives go though. He’s been one of the Clones who we have followed throughout the series, ever since his introduction in the Season 1 episode ‘Rookies’ and it’s been really great to watch his career, especially in the ‘Umbara Arc’ where he is actively opposed to Pong Krell and his methods. His dedication and belief in Tup just shows the close relationships the Clones can establish with each other.

Of course, this Arc has major connections to other works, when we meet Rex, Wolfe and Gregor in ‘Rebels’ they had all removed their chips at some point, whether or not we see this happen in the upcoming season of ‘Clone Wars’ is up in the air but I do hope that we don’t witness Rex turning in the Jedi, that would be tough to watch.

Overall a good arc but not perfect, and it could easily be cut down but the strength of the overall plot keeps the momentum going.

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