#CollectionCorner – Lego Death Star: Section 2


Unlike Moff Jerjerrod, I don’t feel like I am behind schedule…

Section 2 builds the second level of the Death Star, which includes three new rooms and a large space which will become clearer later on. I build this section in two Building Sessions, both of around an hour each (roughly)

The first building session completed the floor of the section which was split into three. The first quarter built what I believe to be a cargo hold of some sort, but I’m not going to put money on that at this point.

The second quarter, which is also split in two give us the spot where a turbo laser cannon will be situated (on the black circle), the other half is a part of the floor of the Trash Compactor.

The third quarter has the second half of the Trash Compactor as well as a section that is meant to represent an area with no floor.

The second Building Session was all about the two walls. Each wall has two ‘doors’ which are big enough for mini-figs to stand in. The ‘doors’ open onto the chasm which will later be used to replicate the scene where Luke and Leia swing across and the doors above can be used for Stormtroopers to fire on them. The spherical nature of the Death Star is accentuated by the beans that go between the walls just under the lower doors.

From the other side you can see how the walls and doors integrate with the rest of the build so far. On the left of the picture the ladders lead into the cargo bay and on the right, the lower door will lead to the Tractor Beam generator that Obi-Wan sabotages.

I must admit, when I was putting the floor of the Trash Compactor together I did have to wonder what part of the set it was and ended up looking at a picture to figure it out based on the clear and grey tiles in the floor. I just couldn’t figure it out.

The two walls could almost feel too repetitive whilst building but they rarely do which is great because I am really loving this build and don’t want to feel bored by it by doing things over and over. I’m sure that could happen, there are a few more walls to build but fingers crossed that they don’t feel that way.

With this section you really get a sense of the size of the set once the walls are built. At this point, the set is roughly half the size of the full build. Just thinking about that makes me break out in a cold sweat, luckily my wife (the gift giving Master Goddess) has already thought of somewhere I can display it without me selling off the computer just to make space.

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