Jedi: Fallen Order – Some Thoughts

‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ is a masterclass in what a single-player ‘Star Wars’ game should be.

The story is well written and fits perfectly into existing canon and even expands on some of the established content we have had.

Given the time the story is set, the obvious choice for a Dark Side villain would be Darth Vader but, like with ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ you cant show Vader being bested multiple times without his competence coming into question, which is why the Inquisitors were introduced in ‘Rebels’ and have shown up in Charles Soule’s ‘Darth Vader: Lord of the Sith’ series.

Two of them appear in this game. The Ninth Sister, who appears through Soule’s comic and the main villain of the game is The Second Sister, who appears briefly in the comic (one or two panels) and was one of the few who’s story could be expanded, and boy was it a doozy of a story.

That’s what I really appreciated about this game, not just the playing of the game, but the story is just so great. No character comes to it or out of it unscathed, it really shows the darkness that has enveloped the Galaxy in the aftermath of the Jedi Purge and the rise of the Empire.

We really get to learn about the characters, and not just the lead, Cal Kestus and his experiences during Order 66 and how he survived, but the secondary characters as well.

Cere has such a phenomenal story that I can’t wait to pick up the graphic novel ‘Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple’ which serves as a prequel to the game. But what we learn about her life post-Order 66 and the turmoil she went through at the hands of the Empire and her guilt at what happened to her Apprentice after Cere was captured is hard to learn, especially knowing that she became the Second Sister and that caused Cere to unleash her Dark Side so-to-speak which led her to cutting herself off from the Force.

Greez, whilst not being a Former Jedi, has a well thought out back-story. A former gambler, he owes a lot of people a lot of money and you get wrapped up in his problems by getting captured by one of those people. He’s the glue that holds this rag-tag family together and whilst he may come across as surly at first he really has a heart of gold.

Whilst the gameplay is mildly reminiscent of ‘The Force Unleashed’, Respawn have really taken some of the best parts of that game and crafted a better one from those bits. The lightsaber combat is some of the, if not the best I have seen in a game. The Force abilities are well powered but not over powered where you are blowing a whole room out of a window (ok, mild exaggeration there) or pulling a Star Destroyer out of the sky. But also, they are so well utilised and yes, your Force power drains the more you use them, but let’s just take a look at The Child in ‘The Mandalorian’, whenever it uses the Force it ends up taking a nap. It’s established that using the Force can be tiring and you need to recharge, so to speak. And unlike ‘The Force Unleashed’, whilst you can become very proficient in combat against troopers, you don’t end up walking around like some sort of over-powered Force God (even though that was fun to do sometimes).

I’m really pleased that Respawn are working on a new ‘Star Wars’ game, and it would be remiss if it wasn’t a sequel to ‘Fallen Order’, the story was left open ended as to what the heroes would do next and I’m really looking forward to learning more about it. I have no doubt that at some point, Cal will come into contact with Darth Vader again and it won’t go well for our hero but with the time left, in universe, between ‘Fallen Order’ and the Original Trilogy there could be some really great stories told.

And who doesn’t want more B-D 1 in their lives?

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