My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars – Season 4 Part 5

In the run up to the new season of Clone Wars, I am going to finally finish my rewatch of the series, of course finish my reviews.

For the rest of the available episodes I am changing the format slightly, I will now focus on arcs as a whole rather than what I had been doing before.

In this post I will be looking at the final four episodes of the season, ‘Massacre’, ‘Bounty’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Revenge’.


Asajj Ventress returns to Dathomir in the wake of the betrayal of Savage Opress. Mother Talzin takes her in and Ventress undergoes a ritual to be finally inducted into the Nightsisters.

Meanwhile, Dooku sends Grievous and a Droid Army to Dathomir to wipe out the Force Witches.

It’s a long, hard battle. Ventress leads the Nightsisters whilst Talzin visits Old Dhaka who resurrects the dead witches and makes them into an army of the dead. The Droids seem to be losing ground.

Ventress battles Grievous whilst Talzin performs a ritual to induce immense pain in Dooku and eventually kill him, but Grievous defeats Ventress and leads the Droids to the hidden chamber, killing Old Dhaka and saving Dooku when Talzin is forced to escape.

Talzin visits Ventress, telling her she needs to forge her own path until the time is right.

As we approach the end of the season, a lot of old storylines from Season Three are starting to become tied up so that the characters arcs can move forward.

Ventress continues to be an amazing character who, despite starting out as one of the main villains, she is now filling the role of anti-hero to a degree. Whilst her intentions are generally not good, she ends up doing the right thing, which we see in the next episode, ‘Bounty’, Season 5 when she aids Ahsoka and of course, the novel ‘Dark Disciple’ by Christie Golden.


Ventress ends up part of a crew with Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar and a couple of others whose job is to protect a box on a train from raiders.

They are under strict instructions to not open the box but as the train heads on its journey it is overrun by the raiders and in a fight, Bobs accidentally opens the box to reveal a young girl who a local warlord wishes to take as his bride.

Ventress double crosses Boba, leaving him in the box and letting the girl return to her family and gets paid by both sides.

At first glance this could be a throwaway episode which feels great because of the cameos, but when you look at it from the greater perspective of the canon timeline, this episode sets up events that wouldn’t be for another couple of seasons which we ended up getting in the ‘Dark Disciple’ novel where Ventress hires Boba and his crew for a job.

We continue to see a lighter side of Ventress as she continues to become more of an anti-hero which is great and I wish we could have gotten moreover the next season and a half that were released.

The fan service is strong in this episode. We get to go to Tatooine where Ventress ends up meeting Boba. We get three of the classic Bounty Hunters, Boba Fett, Bossk and Dengar which is a great throwback to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’


Savage Opress returns and after causing mayhem in a Space Port Diner he gets onboard a cargo ship which has delivered some crates from a junk world. An amulet that Mother Talzin gave him to aid him on his quest glows near dust from this world, a clue to finding his brother.

Opress lands on the planet after getting rid of the pilot and begins his search. He comes across a strange snake-like being who says he will help Savage.

After avoiding giant mech junk crushers and surviving an attack from a group of Junkers, the snake leads him to a hut which is a trap the snake has laid out to help feed a monster living underground.

Savage finds the monster, a spider-like creature in the shadows but when he gets the beast into the light it’s revealed to be his brother, Darth Maul, who survived the battle with Kenobi and has crafted hideous spider legs and has been driven mad by the thought of revenge.

Across the Galaxy, Dooku, Anakin and Yoda all feel a disturbance in the Force and Yoda tells Obi-Wan of Maul’s return.

Savage returns to Dathomir with Maul where Mother Talzin performs a ritual to cleanse Maul’s troubled mind and also gives him new cybernetic legs. Maul explains to Savage what happened to him and that he must get his revenge on Kenobi.

They take their ship to a planet and take a village hostage, sending a transmission to the Jedi Council in which Maul calls out Obi-Wan before murdering a group of villagers. Obi/Wan decides to go and says he will do it alone, Mace disagrees with the decision but Yoda sides with Obi-Wan.

Meanwhile, on a far off planet in a cantina, a group of Bounty Hunters are searching for a high paying target when Savage Opress appears onscreen. Ventress takes the job.

Obi-Wan arrives at the village and is confronted by the two brothers and is soon beaten. Ventress arrives at their ship where they are beating Kenobi and she distracts them. She gets Obi-Wan back his feet and gives him one of her lightsabers until he can get his back.

They fight Maul and Opress and the two brothers are more than a match for Obi-Wan and Asajj who manage to narrowly escape by launching the cockpit/escape pod of the ship whilst leaving Maul and Opress in the cargo hold.

The long teased return of Maul is finally here and we get so see this former Sith Lord in all of his delightfully evil glory. The performance of Sam Witwer is better than amazing as he portrays Maul through a wide range of mental states in just two episodes. The mad ramblings (which Witwer confirmed we’re in the Sith language) from the first part to the scheming mastermind we get by the end of the second episode just proves his amazing talent.

I really enjoy this duology and it brings the reason to a really satisfying ending. This is by far the darkest season (in tone) at this point and it really lets the audience understand the toll the Clone Wars are having on the Jedi. Just look at Pong Krell in ‘The Umbara Arc’, he has been driven to the Dark Side for no other reason than self-preservation. The Council allow Obi-Wan to fake his own death to infiltrate a Bounty Hunter ring and kept Anakin out of the loop so his reaction would be convincing. I mean come on, that’s seriously a problem for the once peacekeepers turned war generals.

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