My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars – Season 4 Part 4

In the run up to the new season of Clone Wars, I am going to finally finish my rewatch of the series, of course finish my reviews.

For the rest of the available episodes I am changing the format slightly, I will now focus on arcs as a whole rather than what I had been doing before.

In this post I will be looking at ‘The Deception’ Arc’.

The Deception Arc

This arc is made up of four episodes, ‘Deception’, ‘Friends and Enemies’, ‘The Box’ and ‘Crisis on Naboo’.

Obi-Wan fakes his death to go undercover and disguise himself as the Bounty Hunter , Rako Hardeen, who “killed” him. Once disguised, Anakin and Ahsoka arrest him and take him to prison where he attracts the attention of a criminal mastermind, Moralo Eval, who is plotting to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine at an upcoming ceremony on Naboo.

Eval has also acquired the help of Cad Bane and during a prison riot, Vane and Eval make their move. Kenobi follows them and convinces them to eat him tag along. They escape and steal a ship ready to learn more about Eval’s plans.

During a prison riot, Bane and Eval make an escape and Kenobi follows, and after Bane’s attempts fail, Obi-Wan comes through and all three escape, stealing a ship in the process.

They crash the ship on Nal Hutta and walk into the nearest spaceport, ditch their prison gear and load up on weapons, Bane sends Kenobi to buy a ship.

Bane doubles crosses Obi-Wan and he is captured by the authorities but he sells out Bane and Eval before escaping, contacting the Jedi Council, getting more credits AND buying a new ship all before Bane and Eval return. Kenobi negotiates himself back on the team and they leave.

Meanwhile, Anakin is angry and wants revenge on Rako Hardeen and Palpatine tells him that Hardeen and his crew were last seen on Nal Hutta. Anakin and Ahsoka arrive and chase down the ship, causing it to crash. Anakin attacks Hardeen, ending up in a fight with both Hardeen and Bane before Obi-Wan drops the hint that he is intact Hardeen in disguise before knocking Skywalker out.

Bane and Hardeen leave when Ahsoka gets involved and go to Syrenno, home world of Count Dooku where Eval has set up a test for a group of Bounty Hunters called They Box’ where they will test the Hunters to see who will be best on the team for their plans to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor.

There are four tests, the first and second are easily vested with only a handful of casualties, mainly because Kenobi was able to figure the tests out. The third test claims a number of lives before one of the Hunters manages to save them.

The tests conclude with a Sniper test before Eval is forced to take on Kenobi in a hand to hand fight in which Kenobi is victorious. Dooku, pleased with the remaining group begins to divulge his plan to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor during a speech on Naboo.

The day of the speech arrives, the Jedi plan their defence strategy whilst Bane instructs his team on their plan. Kenobi is to be the sniper whilst the rest kidnap the Chancellor.

As the Chancellor makes his speech the plan is set in motion. The Bounty Hunters, disguised as Senate Guards manage to kidnap the Chancellor by disguising him by a hologram projector whilst another acts as a decoy disguised as him. Mace and Anakin follow the decoy whilst Obi-Wan goes after Bane, Eval and the Chancellor. They subdue the Bounty Hunters but Dooku doesn’t show up to the rendezvous.

Obi-Wan feels there is something wrong and finds out that Dooku was listening to a conversation between Kenobi and Mace Windu whilst Anakin and Palpatine discuss the events of the day. Anakin is disheartened and feels betrayed by the Council for not keeping him informed of this plan. They enter a banquet hall and find Dooku waiting for them.

Anakin and Dooku duel but the Jedi is bested by the Sith Lord. Obi-Wan arrives and the two of them save Palpatine but Dooku gets away.

This arc really helps build Anakin’s growing distrust of the Jedi Council in the run-up to the events of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ which continues into the next season (especially the Ahsoka Arc) and it’s a much needed story detail in my opinion as I have always felt that Anakin’s turn in ‘Revenge of the Sith’ happens too quickly.

As always, I really enjoyed having Cad Bane return and his interactions with the disguised Obi-Wan were great. The Bane character is really one of the highlights of the whole series and his sporadic use is well done as I feel that if e was in it much more then it would be too much, I am kind of gutted that we won’t be seeing more of him in the upcoming Season 7 because I really want to see how his story with Boba Fett which we saw part of at Celebration a couple of years ago plays out.

The kidnapping plot is intriguing and I really enjoyed seeing the lengths that Dooku was willing to go to find the right team, killing at least five hunters to get this group was nuts.

The battle between Dooku and Anakin is great, the lighting that they used is gorgeous with them fighting in a low light area with huge windows letting in some light was just visually stunning.

Overall though, despite being a great arc, it just doesn’t hold up to the likes of the ‘Mon Cala’ or ‘Umbara’ arcs but feels more satisfying than the ‘Slavers’ arc but it has got a great story and has repercussions that last throughout the rest of the series.

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