My Star Wars (Life) Reviews: The Clone Wars – Season 4 Part 3

In the run up to the new season of Clone Wars, I am going to finally finish my rewatch of the series, of course finish my reviews.

For the rest of the available episodes I am changing the format slightly, I will now focus on arcs as a whole rather than what I had been doing before.

In this post I will be looking at ‘The Slavers Arc’ and ‘A Friend in Need’.

The Slavers Arc

The Arc is made up of three episodes, ‘Kidnapped’, ‘Slaves of the Republic’ and ‘Escape From Kadavo’.

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are sent to the planet Kiros where Zygerrian Slavers have taken a colony of Togruta citizens as slaves. Once on the planet they find the colony’s home empty save for Separatist Droids. The Jedi battle through the city and Obi-Wan goes to meet the Zygerrian Commander who has laid a trap by planting bombs across the city.

Obi-Wan distracts the Commander with a fist fight which the Jedi is seemingly beaten as Anakin and Ahsoka disable the bombs. Obi-Wan reveals his deception and kills all but the Tactical Droid. The Zygerrian makes his escape whilst Obi-Wan deals with the bomb on the Droid.

Anakin and Ahsoka chase the Zygerrian to his ship and disable the engine before the slaver is killed.

The three Jedi and Captain Rex repair the ship and go the the Zygerrian homework’s in disguise. Anakin manages to attract the attention of the Queen and he and Ahsoka (who is disguised as his Slave) whilst Kenobi and Rex search for the Togrutans.

Anakin charms the Queen and she has him accompany her to the Slave Auction as her guest. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan is captured after he and Rex find the Togrutan Governor of Kiros and try to rescue him.

Obi-Wan is put into the arena and the Queen requests that Anakin whip his mentor. Anakin goes to do it but instead they fight the Slavers, R2 launches their lightsabers to them and Ahsoka who attempts to capture the Queen but they are all subdued.

Anakin is forced to be the Queen’s bodyguard, Ahsoka is kept in a cage attached to the palace and Obi-Wan and Rex are sent off world to a prison camp.

Dooku arrives and wishes to kill Skywalker who has managed to release Ahsoka. Anakin arrives at the palace as Dooku kills the Queen. Ahsoka and R2 arrive with their ship just i time for Anakin to rescue the dying Queen who tells him where his friends and the Togrutan slaves are being kept.

In the prison, Obi-Wan has endured a lot of beatings and his resolve is almost gone when he and Rex are brought to the Warden’s office so Dooku can witness them be killed. They are distracted however by Anakin and Ahsoka arriving. Obi-Wan tells Anakin to stand down or they will kill the Togrutans but Anakin provides another distraction, Plo Koon’s fleet. They provide air cover whilst Anakin and Ahsoka rescue Obi-Wan, Rex and the Togrutan’s in a fantastic battle which ends with the Prison being destroyed and the Togrutan’s of Kiros deciding to join the Republic.

The creators really aren’t pulling their punches with Season 4, the story arcs are brilliant, dark and epic.

This arc really hits home for Anakin and we get to see him have to reign his emotions in as much as possible. His history of being a slave in his childhood really gets brought to the forefront, sometimes with only a brief line of dialogue but even then it hits home and resonates.

Had this story been about three other Jedi, you could easily see a couple of them getting killed off, that’s how brutal some of the content in this arc was.

The Zygerrian’s are an interesting race who have had past dealings with the Jedi where the peacekeepers shit down the Zygerrian slavery industry and they haven’t forgotten it and are happy to take their anger about it out on the three Jedi. Obi-Wan takes some serious beatings across these three episodes, to the point where anyone else would have just given in. Their design is great, very feline but with enough ‘humanity’ that they don’t look too strange and are easy to read emotionally by their facial expressions and their clothing/armour designs are really well done.

A Friend in Need

Ahsoka helps her friend, Lux Bonteri after he accuses Count Dooku of murdering his mother. He is captured and Dooku speaks to him via hologram before sentencing him to death. Ahsoka saves him and the two leave in a Republic ship.

Lux knocks Ahsoka out after telling her that it was his plan to be captured to run a trace on Dooku. Ahsoka arrives once the ship has landed and she finds Lux before his contacts arrive, a group of Mandalorians who Ahsoka recognises as Deathwatch.

Bonteri gives the location of Dooku to Pre Vizla before a local man arrives demanding that Deathwatch returns the women of his tribe. Vizla agreed to do so the next morning. Meanwhile, Ahsoka has been thrown in with the captured women and R2 has been sent to repair the droids that the Mandalorians use as target practice.

At the village, Vizla returns the women but kills the tribe leader’s Granddaughter before ordering the rest of Deathwatch to kill everyone. Ahsoka attempts to save the villagers but is restrained by Deathwatch. Back at the camp, Visla and Ahsoka battle after R2 gives her her lightsabers and Vizla uses the Darksaber.

Outside, the Mandalorians battle the repaired Droids whilst Ahsoka beats Vizla by destroying his Jet Pack, distractingbhom allowing her, Lux and R2 to escape.

Lux refuses to go to the Republic and leaves Ahsoka on the ship as he takes an Escape Pod.

This is a great breather to go between two longer story arcs, especially as there is another multi-part arc coming up next and after heaving two major arcs in a town with ‘The Umbara Arc’ and ‘The Slavers Arc’ back-to-back.

This arc acts as a bit of a reminder of a couple of things that we will be seeing next season with Lux and Deathwatch both appearing in major arcs in Season 5.

I’m more interested in this episode for the Mandalorian connections now rather that when I first watched it and it was essentially a filler episode to, as I said before, give the audience a bit of breathing space between story arcs.

I’m not a big fan of Lux Bonteri at this point, but for reasons that I think we are led to by the writers. As the son of the late Senator Mina Bonteri, he’s grown up privileged and acts as such, but he’s trying to be a tough guy but is more like the weedy guy who walks into a biker bar and says all the wrong things but luckily has someone with him to bail him out, in this case, Ahsoka.

We are also introduced to a major character (although we don’t know that at this point) in Bo-Katan, voiced by ‘Battlestar Galactica’ alum, Katie Sackoff. Whilst she acts as Pre Vizla’s enforcer here, we get so see her role expand greatly in the future.

It’s a decent episode but fat from the best, especially in this season which is just full of amazing stories.

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