#CollectionCorner – Sith Troopers Battle Pack

The Winter 2020 Lego Sets are here and those Amazon Vouchers aren’t going to spend themselves so I went ahead and picked up my first foray into the new Wave of Star Wars Lego.

As with all Battle Packs, the box contains two unnumbered bags and the instructions and no stickers.

First up, my main reason for buying this, my first Sith Fleet mini-figs, a Sith Trooper, two Sith Jet-Troopers and a Sith Fleet Officer.

I absolutely love the details on these mini-figs, especially in the helmets. The designers have really given them so much detail fo such little figures that they could have gotten away with a lot less. Even the moulding on the Jet Trooper helmet is incredibly detailed which really makes it a joy to look at.

The Officer’s cap has a small ‘Sith Eternal’ symbol printed on it and the tunic has red highlights that match the onscreen counterparts.

The figures have a stud launcher weapon each. The set utilises three standard weapons and a fourth us modified with an added piece and attached to the vehicle as a mounted weapon.

The vehicle is a decent small build and is reminiscent of the ‘First Order Snow Speeder’ that came out in the first wave of sets from ‘The Force Awakens’ in terms of overall design, which I suppose is ok, seeing as the vehicle never made it into the film so Lego are utilising the design in other areas.

It was a decent build, easy to do and not time consuming but enjoyale for a few minutes of Lego building.

It can easily fit three mini-figs inside, two at the back and one at the front operating the stud launcher (which can also be used as a handheld weapon for one of the mini-figs).

Its a decent little set, enjoyable and a fun way of building the collection of Sith Fleet mini-figs and the vehicle is actually decent as well, but as I’ve said on previous ‘Battle Pack’ reviews, most collectors only get them for the mini-figs, and honestly, that’s why I’m really after this and the ‘Mandalorian Battle Pack’ from this new wave.

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