Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 11 – Nur/Fortress Inquisitorius

Using Merrin’s Nightsister Magic, The Mantis passes through the Imperial Blockade surrounding Nur. Cere and Cal use the Escape Pods to make their way to the planet by landing in the ocean surrounding the Fortress Inquisitorius.

UInderwater, Cal and B-D 1 find a way into the building and take out the Imperials when you enter.

Making their way through the Fortress, Cal and B-D 1 encounter legions of Stormtroopers and Purge Troopers whilst following the signal to the Holocron which it turns out is being held in the prison/torture chamber.

On occasion they see Cere as she also makes her way through the building, using Trilla’s Inquisitor lightsaber.

Cal finds the Holocron and encounters Trilla and as the fight nears its end, Cere arrives and speaks to her former Padawan. Trilla realises that Cere didn’t intentionally betray her and she held on as long as she could before the Empire found the hiding place that Cere and Trilla had set up.

You can see Trilla’s conflict and suddenly, as she is about to speak she goes stiff as some ominous and familiar breathing can be heard.

Vader arrives, killing the Second Sister. Cere attacks him and taps into the Dark Side once again but Cal brings her back. She tells Cal and B-D 1 to escape as Vader flings Cere over an edge using the Force as well as starting to destory the area around you.

All you can do is run and escape as Vader destroys the level using all of your acrobatic abilities whilst taking on the Stormtroopers who have arrived.

You finally manage to escape Vader and you have to escape the Fortress. Lucily you are contacted by Cere and the two of you escape, with the Holocron.

The Mantis arrives and takes you away from the planet.

On board, the group start to try to figure out what the next step is, do they find the Jedi on the Holocron? Cal destroys the Holocron, deciding that without the list of Force Sensitive children and without having them all in one place, the children will be safe from the Empire.

And so the game (story) ends, the story completed and boy, oh boy, was it a fantastic story and a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon.

Cal’s story, from former Padawan in hiding to a Jedi Knight, on a quest to save others is engaging and entertaining. You end up caring about all of characters in the group, Greez, Cere and Merrin who all have amazing sotries of their own and, hopefully we will one day get more of those stories (yes we have backstory on Cere in the comic series ‘Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple’) in future games or books (hopefully games).

I feel incredibly invested in this story, even more than I was in the storyline for ‘Battlefront 2’ which I enjoyed so much but it felt quite obvious where it was going storywise, whilst I felt the ‘Fallen Order’ gave us enough twists and turns that I couldn’t tell where the story was going.

Having played through the story I am left with a few secrest to unlock to 100% the game and, unlike other games I have played in the past wher I finish the story and move on, I’m looking forward to actually 100%ing this game and playing it through time and time again.

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