Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 9 & 10 – Dathomir and Bogano

After constructing your new lightsaber, you return to Dathomir.

Once you make it to the Tomb you once again have a vision of your former master, Jaro Tapal and you manage to co where your guilt, causing the vision to fade. Once the vision goes you are able to enter the Tomb.

Inside the Tomb you speak to Merrin and convince her that you are not her enemy. You then meet Taron Malicos and the two of you battle. Once he is weakened Merton joins the fight.

When you defeat Malicos (and Merrin has buried him alive) you go through the Tomb and have a vision of the Zeffo before taking the Astrium, which will unlock Cordova’s vault.

You return to Bogano and make your way to Cordova’s vault. Once you open it you experience a vision where you see a possible future where you have begun training a new generation of Jedi and they are all massacres by the Empire.

When the vision ends you are confronted by Trilla who escapes your duel when you disarm her. She takes the holocron as your psychometric powers kick in and you see her be tortured by the Empire and the moment Cere touched the Dark Side.

After you fight your way back to The Mantis, you talk to Cere about the encounter with Trilla and how you have no idea where she has gone.

Cere says she knows, the Inquisiors homeworld, the place she was tortured by the Empire. She Knights you as a Jedi Knight before you leave, using Trilla’s lightsaber to perform the ritual.

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