Star Wars Vol. 5 – Yoda’s Secret War

Writer – Jason Aaron

Art – Salvador Larroca

Colourist – Edgar Delgado

Well, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to revisiting this story arc. It was the last one I read before life got in the way of the comic collecting and I put it on hold and I really wasn’t all that fussed about quitting this run after feeling bored by this arc.

It’s basically Luke reading Obi-Wan’s journal where Kenobi has written a story told to him by Yoda about a mission the Jedi Master went on before the events of ‘The Phantom Menace’ where he encounters warring tribes of children who have an ability called ‘Stonepower’ which is essentially The Force but it’s generated by a strange blue mountain.

Yoda is imprisoned and sent into the mountain where he encounters a banished child called Garro. They go through the mountain, Garro teaches Yoda about Stonepower and the two of them come across the banished adults and a short while later they find the heart of the mountain, which is a literal heart.

It turns out the mountain was once a living creature who’s species used to live on the planet, when people arrived there was a war and the creatures became mountains and most eventually died.

Yoda defeats the mountain creatures, reunites the children and the adults and then leaves.

Years later in what could only be described as a need to pad out the story, so I-Wan encounters Garro in Mos Eisley.

Back in the present, Luke goes to the mysterious planet and encounters Garro who tries to attack Luke and injured him. Luke refuses to fight and after a while Garro becomes one with the mountain.

And R2-D2 steals an X-Wing to try and rescue C-3PO from Scar Squadron.

I can’t say I have done the story much justice in my brief description, but for me it was all a bit too far-fetched, I get the need for new and intriguing story lines but really it felt like a bit of a filler arc to get us to the cross-over with the ‘Doctor Aphra’ series, ‘The Screaming Citadel’.

The artist has done a lot of the characters using photo’s of the actors, at times from scenes from the films (he must have traced half of the Yoda panels) which for he is a bit of a turn-off, if I want to see images from the films I’ll watch them.

I’m not asking for the artist to make them unrecognisable but to essentially steal shots from the films is a bit naff really.

A bit of a disappointment really, a story that belongs in any other sci-fi/fantasy franchise but slightly wrapped in a Star Wars package. Definitely not one I’l be rushing to re-read again in a hurry.

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