My Star Wars (Life) Reviews – The Clone Wars: Season 3 Disc 3 Part 2

Rather than write about The Clone Wars episodes individually or by story-arc, I have decided to review it by disc as they are in the Blu-Ray Box Set releases.

In this post I will be reviewing the ‘Citadel’ arc which consists of the episodes ‘The Citadel’, ‘Counterattack’ and ‘Citadel Rescue’ as well as the two-part season finale, consisting of the episodes ‘Padawan Lost’ and ‘Wookiee Hunt’.

The Citadel

The Jedi launch a rescue mission to the Jedi Prison known as ‘The Citadel’ after Jedi Master Even Piell was captured along with his crew after he found out co-ordinates for a lost Hyperspace route called ‘The Nexus Route’. Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo and some other Clones are called to duty.

Anakin forbids Ahsoka from coming and she speaks with Master Plo Koon for advice. To bypass life form scanners, the crew are frozen in carbonate whilst R2 mans the shuttle with a crew of three reprogrammed Battle Droids.

They reach the planet and are thawed out, and it turns out Ahsoka joined them after all, being frozen after the rest of the team.

They break in to the Prison after climbing up a cliff face covered in Electro-Mines but one of the Clones falls, activating one of the mines.

Racing against time, they rescue Master Piell who tells them they need to save the rest of the Crew because his Captain memorised one half of the co-ordinates whist Piell memorised the other half.

They rescue the Crew, including Captain Tarkin who tries to take control of the team but is overridden by Anakin and Obi-Wan who devise an escape plan.

Obi-Wan and his team distract the Separatists, including Osi Sobeck, the administrator of the facility whilst Anakin’s team locate the hidden tunnels that were originally part of the prison.


The two teams make their way to the rendezvous points. Obi-Wan’s team is found by a Probe Droid and Sobeck attempts to trap them in the vents and they lose one of the Clones.

Meanwhile in the caves, Anakin’s team avoid detection by the Probe Droids and make it to a fuel line which will take them close to the shuttle.

Sobeck’s Droids manage to capture Obi-Wan’s team whilst R2 lands the shuttle and is taken “prisoner” by the reprogrammed Battle Droids and once inside they locate Obi-Wan’s team. They intercept the captured team and free them.

They make it to the shuttle the Sobeck’s Tactical Droid alerts the guards to the deception and Obi-Wan’s team comes under attack.

Meanwhile, Anakin’s team encounters Droids at their exit and after dispatching they they make it to the shuttle during the attack.

The group do their best to fend off the Droids and the Turbolasers but a Commando Droid takes control of one of the cannons and destroys the shuttle, killing Arc Trooper Echo.

Pinned down and without an escape route, the team escapes into the caves.

Citadel Rescue

Under constant attack, the survivors get in contact with the Jedi Council. Plo Koon has already left with a fleet to rescue them, but they only have a small window and will meet the survivors on a small island.

They fend off numerous attacks, until Sobeck unleashes Anoobas (hunting dogs in space) to track them down. The Anoobas are successful and lead a battalion of Droids to the survivors.

The survivors fend off the attack but Master Piell is mortally wounded by one of the creatures. Ahsoka wants to get help but Piell needs her to stay and he tells her his half of the co-ordinates of the Nexus Route.

They give the Master a brief but fitting memorial before having to move on.

Above the planet, the Republic fleet arrives and the fighters push through the blockade.

The survivors reach the island but are attacked again, this time led by Sobeck himself.

Sobeck attacks Tarkin, adamant that if he can’t get the information then no one can. Tarkin is saved by Ahsoka who stabs the Separatist leader, killing him.

The rescue team arrives and the survivors manage to escape just as the island is overrun by Crab Droids.

Back on Coruscant, they are met by Mace Windu and Yoda who wish to debrief Ahsoka and Tarkin but they both have conflicting orders on whom to deliver the information. Yoda says he will discuss it with The Chancellor.

This arc carries on the brilliant storytelling that we go in the Mortis Arc, it really enhances a lot of aspects of the films for me. The inclusion of Tarkin was a stroke of genius and he is so well played by Steven Stanton who absolutely nails the voice.

The early relationship between Anakin and Tarkin is rough, they really don’t like each other much but as the plot moves along they grow to respect and understand each other as well as agree on one core issue, that the Jedi should not be leading the war as the Code prohibits them from killing their enemies even when it could lead to victory. Granted, Ahsoka does kill the main antagonist to save Tarkin, and we have seen Anakin kill in a similar manner during the ‘Mandalore Arc’ in Season 2.

I really enjoyed Sobeck’s character. James Arnold Taylor really channels Christopher Walken with this character and it is brilliant. He’s much like the rest of the Separatist leaders, all talk and very little action, and when he gets involved in the ac to on it doesn’t go well for him (like I said, he dies) but having villains continue to survive would really bulk out the Separatist leaders to a crazy amount that Anakin would struggle to wipe out in ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

Padawan Lost

During a daring battle on Felucia, Ahsoka is attacked by Trandoshan hunters and captured.

She wakes up in a cage, a Snaggletooth is in a cage opposite who tells her that they are being taken somewhere so that they can be hunted in the wild.

Once on the island, Ahsoka and the rest of the captives evade the Trandoshans. Ahsoka comes across a trio of Jedi Younglings who have been there for quite some time.

The three of them are jaded but Ahsoka gets through to them and convinces them to fight back.

Their first attempt to fight gets them a blaster but the Trandoshan’s have the capability to turn them off remotely if lost. The four young Jedi decide they need to find the Hunters Base, a large floating vehicle.

The hunters attack again and Ahsoka kills the Chief’s son who was attacking her and one of the other Younglings. The Chief goes nuts and fires blindly into the jungle. One of the blaster bolts hits Ahsoka’s companion. In moments she passes away and Ahsoka has to abandon her body to escape.

Wookiee Hunt

Ahsoka returns to her remaining companions and after a moment of mourning they come up with a plan to attack the next Drop Ship that arrives and come up with a plan.

When the Drop Ship arrives the three Young Jedi enact their plan but it goes awry and the Ship is destroyed. The group come across a Wookiee captive who survived the destruction of the Drop Ship, a Wookiee called… Chewbacca. Chewie joins their group and thinks he can build a transmitter from the wreckage.

Chewie and Ahsoka go to the ship whilst the other Jedi Younglings keep watch and a Trandoshan Sharpshooter is dropped off. The Sniper gets one shot off before he is captured. Chewie builds the transmitter and at first it doesnt seem to work.

The group Mind Trick the captive into calling for a pick-up. They commandere the Speeder and go to the Base. As they fight their way through the Trandoshans we find out the transmitter worked and a ship arrives full of Wookiee Warriors. The Hunters are beaten and finally Ahsoka fights with the Chief and kills him.

The Jedi Children are returned to the Jedi Temple and in a sweet moment between Anakin and Ahsoka, she tells him that she only survived because of his training. The two head into the Temple as Yoda watches them go.

Before my rewatch I was really uninterested with this arc but I ended up really enjoying it this time around (something I have said about a few arcs), but I was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable I found it this time around, and originally I was considering writing about how I would have preferred ‘The Citadel’ arc to be the finale, but it wouldn’t work in terms of Ahsoka’s growth.

This arc is really all about seeing how Ahsoka has grown and matured over the last three seasons and how far the character has come since we first met her in ‘The Clone Wars’ film.

The introduction of Chewie was incredibly fan-servicey and I honestly would have preferred another familiar Wookiee, Tarrful but I understand why they went with Chewie because he is a main character and incredibly cameo-worthy. They also got Peter Mayhew to go in to Lucasfilm to consult on the character.

What I really find great is how this arc is essentailly the Star Wars version of the film ‘Predators’ which was written by Robert Rodriguez and Directed by Nimrod Antal, but this must have been written before the film came out so it’s a brilliant coincidence.

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