Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren Issue 2

Writer – Charles Soule

Artist – Will Sliney

Colourist- Guru-Fx

Starting right where we left off in last issue, Snoke and Ben discuss the Knights of Ren which leads to Snoke telling Ben he needs to adopt a new name for himself, a true name. One comes to mind that Ben called himself as a child but dismissed it. Snoke guides Ben, telling him that if he wants to find the Knights, he should go back to where he encountered them before.

In the past, Luke, Ben and Lor San Tekka visit the planet Euphoria to visit an ancient Jedi Temple which they find out is full of old Jedi artefacts. They also encounter Ren and the Knights of Ren.

They attack Luke whilst Ben protects Lor San Tekka but Luke beats them all and orders them to leave. Ren agreed but before he does he mentions the ‘shadow’ growing in Ben and, after removing his helmet, offers young Solo a chance to join them.

The Knights leave but Ren leaves the mask behind.

Ben arrives back on Euphoria and picks up Ren’s forgotten mask and puts it on. Ren speaks to him through it, telling him to come to Vanrak. When Ben takes off the mask he encounters the three young Jedi who were following him.

I am genuinely enjoying this series so much. Every story beat just hits on so many levels.

Seeing Ben and Luke travelling together is interesting, we get to see how Luke is as a teacher (albeit briefly) and honestly from what we do see, he’s not bad.

Seeing Luke in his prime Jedi days kicking the collective butts of the Knights of Ren is great, he even uses the ‘Matrix’ style lean back from his “fight” with Kylo in ‘The Last Jedi’, an excellent call-back and I wonder if that was down to Soule or Sliney.

Ben still doesn’t come across as evil in his interactions with Snoke, merely jaded by his familial ties to the heroes of the Rebellion, he’s a lost and confused young man who is rebelling against his family which leads him to Snoke who is leading him down a dark path.

What was surprising was Ren revealing his face to Luke, Ben and Lor San Tekka in a bid to lure Ben to the Knights, and how he doesn’t look all messed up which we assume based on how his body looks. Perhaps that is self inflicted in a way of strengthening his Dark Side connection.

One thing that was very surprising was a subtly placed reference to the ‘High Republic’ during some of the expositional dialogue from Tekka when discussing the Jedi Temple they are visiting. For more on the ‘High Republic’ rumours you can check out Rumour Mill: Project Luminous and the 2022 Film. This reference makes some sense as Charles Soule is one of the writers of ‘Project Luminous’ so could we be seeing hints at his part of the story?

Overall, so far this is turning out to be a great run and I’m really excited to see where it continues to go, the next issue can’t come soon enough.

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