Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 8 – Illum

Feeling defeated, Cal goes on a mission to locate a new Kyber Crystal on Illum.

As he’s about to leave The Mantis, Cere speaks to you, telling you that you will constantly be tested and tempted to go to the Dark Side. Cal asks if she still feels that temptation and she gives him her old lightsaber.

The mission itself if very straightforward, making your way through the Jedi Temple and unlocking the path to the crystal chamber (which was a great nod to ‘The Clone Wars’).

Things start to go awry when you find some Imperial Probe Droids in the Temple. Then in a horrific turn of events, Cal and B-D 1 are separated. Cal managed to find his crystal but it shatters in his hand.

Just as he feels like he can’t go on, B-D 1 arrives and shows Cal a recording of Master Cordova who is speaking to the little droid. You find out here that B-D 1 willingly had his memories locked away until he met the right person, whom the Droid believes to be Cal.

Motivated by the Droids belief in him, Cal crafts his new weapon, a double blades lightsaber with the ability to split apart into two weapons.

As Cal makes his way out into that Gathering Chamber, more Probe Droids and Stormtroopers arrive. That’s it, the Empire is here and in Force.

Once you defeat the Imperials and their AT-ST’s, it’s time to head back to Dathomir to try to figure out the mystery of that Tomb.

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