Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 7 – Dathomir

Oh boy this level was a nightmare!

First off, you land on Dathomir and speak to Cere, things are tense but not as tense as before so Greez will be happy.

You make your way into an abandoned settlement and you get to know some of the local wildlife, a big ape like think that packs quite a punch and of course… spiders.

Once through the settlement you meet a Nightsister who believes that as a Jedi, you must die. As she disappears she leaves two Nightbrothers to take you out.

And boy, oh boy, those guys are tough. Not just tough, I mean really freaking hard.

You make your way towards some Crumbling Ruins’ and you meet a man called ‘The Wanderer’ who knows of the Nightsister (who has appeared a handful of times to tell you that you must die).

As you approach the ruins, the Nightbrothers set a trap and you have to make your way through the swamps and then the Nightbrothers village and finally you come face to face with a giant freaking Bat, the Gorgara.

It’s not all that tough to fight but once it’s health has dropped to almost 1/8 it leaves. You raid the body of a dead Nightbrother and take his climbing claws which let you climb faster and can now climb other walls other than vines.

Once outside you start climbing up a tower and are then chased by the Gorgara which leads to you falling from great heights onto the creatures back a few times until it finally crashes and dies from its wounds.

You finally make your way back to the Crumbling Tower and make your way inside. You try to open a door but nothing seems to happen except a Meditation Spot appears. Once you use it you go into a new flashback to Cal’s training.

Your Master, Jaro Tapal is in a command room whilst you are in the training room, you have to navigate the moving blocks to reach Tapal.

Once in the room with Tapal and a Clone Commander, Tapal feels a disturbance in the Force as the Commander’s communicator goes off with the message to “Execute Order Sixty-Six.” Tapal kills the Clone and sends you to the escape pods, saying he will create a diversion for you.

As you make your way through the ship, you come to the Turbolift shaft which you have to climb up. At one point you are ambushed and you lose your lightsaber.

Once out of the shaft you meet Master Tapal at the Escape Pods. He covers you as you try to open one but it takes too long and Tapal is shot multiple times. The Pod opens and he falls inside. You join him and the Pod launches. Tapal dies, gifting you his lightsaber and telling you to lay low, trust the Force and wait for word from the Jedi Council.

You wake up in a strange place and Master Tapal is there with you. He ignited his lightsaber and the two of you spar, he calls you weak and spineless before you stab him and he proclaims that his blood is on your hands before you start to scream.

You wake up in front of the Tomb door, lightsaber in hand and you have damaged it, the Crystal is shattered.

You leave the tomb and come face to face with The Wanderer who reveals himself to be Taron Malicos, a former Jedi who crazed on Dathomir during the Jedi Purge. He quickly became the leader of the Nightbrothers and told the Nightsister who has been taunting you that it was the Jedi who ignited to war that killed her people. She raises the Nightsister Zombies to attack the two of you.

Taron tells you to run, and you do, right back to The Mantis.

On board, Cal tells Cere what he admits his guilt at his Masters death, believing that it is his fault. Cere tells Cal that once she had been tortured by the Empire, they brought Trilla to her once she had been turned. In her anger, Cere tapped into the Dark Side and killed everyone there except her former Padawan and for years she kept fuelling that rage until she learned of the Holocron, which gave her hope for a brighter future. She tells Cal that together they can make that future a reality, starting with fixing his lightsaber.

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