Rumour Mill: Project Luminous and the 2022 Film

Jason Ward of Making Star Wars has put out an article about rumours he has heard from his sources about the direction of the upcoming Publishing Event ‘Project Luminous’ as well as the next film. You can read the full article HERE.

According to the article, the next film will be set 400 before The Skywalker Saga during a time called the ‘High Republic’. The Sith Rule of Two is in effect but at this point they are in hiding. Yoda is a Jedi but much different from the character we have seen so far. This will not be the start of a trilogy, rather the start of a series of films that interconnect.

Supposedly this would have been what Benioff and Weiss were Woking on before they departed to focus on their deal with Netflix but the project has continued to develop. This goes against other rumours that they were working on a story that showed the origin of the Jedi but I would rather see that come from Rian Johnson after his handling of the Force and the Jedi in ‘The Last Jedi’.

The article links to one from ZIRO.HU where the rumoured premise for ‘Project Luminous’ comes from. It will be set in the same time period and follow a number of Jedi on various adventures through the Galaxy, the Unknown Regions and beyond. Also that ‘Project Luminous’ will start off with a Video Game in 2021 which will lead into the various publications. Whether or not the series will be called ‘Project Luminous’ is yet to be seen as it could just be a code name of sorts.

This all sounds very exciting. Going backwards in the timeline has always been the most logical choice for the immediate future of the franchise as well as filling in the 30 year gap between the Original and Sequel trilogies, and having such a big push to allow the fans to get to know that era is a great idea. The thought of it being slightly familiar in terms of aesthetic, but also introducing us to new looks as well would definitely allow the franchise to maintain a freshness to breathe a new life into the franchise.

I really hope the video game part of this is also true. We did hear that EA was working on something to be released in 2020 as well as ‘Orca’ which is meant to be an open world game out in 2021 and of course, Respawn have started hiring for new staff to work on a Star Wars game but this would most likely be a sequel to ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ which hasn’t got a release date as of yet.

I will of course be keeping my expectations in check until we get any sort Rolf official announcement which we have been told by Kathleen Kennedy in an interview during the press tour for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ would be in January (HYPE BEAST ARTICLE) and it was long ago mentioned that more information on ‘Project Luminous’ would be coming in January (JEDI NEWS LINK). So with the announcements imminent it could be that everything we have heard is true.

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