Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 6 – The Arena and Kashyyyk Part 2

This mission follows on directly from the fight where you are knocked out on Zeffo.

You wake up in a cell, B-D 1 is gone, as is your lightsaber.

Once you have found your way out of the cell, you go around this prison until you find B-D 1. Once he’s been repaired you continue to make your way around.

After a couple of puzzles you enter a huge arena where you find out that a former gambling associate of Greez whom is owed some substantial money.

Your lightsaber is returned to you as cages open to reveal various creatures that you have encountered in previous missions. You have to complete a few waves before The Mantis arrives and you are rescued.

On the ship, Can confronts Cere about her actions and her Padawan-turned-Inquisitor and the two of them argue. Cal goes to his bunk to sleep.

When he wakes up, Greez has a chat about Cere and how they need to get past their issues and work together because Greez really loves having the two of them around, us like having a family around him.

You then head to Kashyyyk where your co fact has let you know that Tarrful is willing to meet you.

Once on the planet, after making your way back to the entrance to the Shadow Lands.

The Shadowlands are a wonderful maze of creatures, lung plants and vines that chase you, all until you reach Tarrful who tells you to go to the top of the Origin Tree. You are also given a ‘breather’ so you can go underwater.

Once you travail the Origin Tree and reach the top you get a new message from Cordova, telling you that there is a special relic on Dathomir that the Zeffo has left, a relic you could use to open the tomb.

You are then attacked by a TIE Reaper which is carrying the Ninth Sister, the blast destroys the floor you are stood on and you end up doing a lot of sliding, jumping, wall running and climbing until you find out that a Shyyyo Bird has been injured fighting the TIE Reaper. You hunt down the bird and heal it. The bird then carries you to your next location, where once you reach a point, you find the bird again but it is blasted by the TIE Reaper and you co front the Ninth Sister in a lightsaber duel.

After a lengthy and hard duel you manage to cut off her hand. She doesn’t give up but after slicing her back and force pushing her out of the Origin Tree you are successful. The Shyyyo Bird returns and takes you away from the tree.

You make your way back to The Mantis as Greez prepares lunch. Cal, Cere and Greez eat together, Cal and Cere talk about how Cere resisted for as long as she could under the Empires torture methods and from the sounds of it even resisted Vader but eventually she cracked. Cal, whilst not forgiving her, does recount something the Ninth Sister says, that becoming an Inquisitor is inevitable and he’s glad the Cere resisted that.

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