Life Debt in 2020

As the year comes to a close it’s time to start looking towards the future.

This year has been incredible on the Blog and I’m already prepping content for January which is exciting.

My big focus (outside of the Blog of course) is growing the Podcast, the listenership is at a decent level but I’m feeling a bit greedy and really want to try to expand that area of the Life Debt fandom. I’m going to start looking more at getting guests on the show, I am working with a musician about new intro music and they’ve had some good ideas and I’m very much looking forward to hearing it.

Another area I will be focusing on more is the Merch. In February all current designs on the RedBubble Store will be removed on 14th February, so get those orders in before then. Then on 27th February, the 2nd Anniversary of the launch of the Blog, the first in a new wave of designs will be released. I have teamed up with a local artist to bring new (and better) designs for merch and we are both really excited.

There will be very little change to the Blog at this point. I will always be looking at developing new and different Blog content but will continue to put out the usual type of content.

Something I will also be looking at developing more is the Patreon Page. The two current tiers will remain the same but I’m looking at putting together some new exclusive content in the future and maybe adding new tiers.

And now, before I head off to ring in the new year, I would like to thank every one of you who has read the blog, likes the blog, shared/retweeted any of the posts or listened to the Podcast as each view/like/listen/share means a hell of a lot to me, so once again, thank you, Happy New Year and May the Force Be With You…

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