#CollectionCorner – Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter Lego

One of my favourite Star Wars Lego sets in my collection is the Y-Wing from the second ‘Rogue One’ wave. The details are phenomenal and the screen accuracy is out of this world, so when they announced that we were getting a Sequel Era version I was excited and to have it as part of the first wave of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ sets was great.

I was lucky enough to get this on a trip to London where we all went to the Lego Store and I was torn between building this or the AT-ST Raider first (the Raider won).

The box contains the usual instruction booklet and stickers as well as four numbered bags containing the 578 pieces which, for a RRP of £59.99 is a really good price.

Bag 1 builds the central core of the vehicle, including the bomb play feature. It has very little detail as that will come later but this is a great foundation to start the build.

Bag 1 also gives us the first three mini-figs. Firstly the slightly updated Snowtrooper (updated as in an added cloak), Poe Dameron in his new ‘Brendan Fraser in The Mummy’ outfit which is a nice new look and looks good with nice details and a satchel. The final character is the all-in-one D-O which looks accurate.

Bag 2 builds the bulk of the cockpit as well as a majority of the stickers. The cockpit is more streamlined than the 2016 version which gives us an idea of how the design has changed in-universe, much like the rest of the starfighters see have seen in the sequel trilogy so far.

This bag, as well and Bag 3 don’t include mini-figs either, which I found strange as there are enough included to space them out amongst all of the bags rather than the first and last ones.

Bag 3 finishes off the cockpit by including the canopy and blaster turret as well as adding copious details on the main body. It’s this great attention to detail that really makes me love the Y-Wing sets, because the vehicles in the films are incredibly detailed which really get shown with the greebling here.

The turret also fully rotates and the canopy opens to allow access to the cockpit.

Bag 4 constructs both of the wings that give the vehicle it’s name. They are build slightly differently to the previous version but are well designed and visually impressive.

This bag also gives us our final two mini-figs. Firstly a new R5 looking Astromech Droid that comes in the all new turquoise (new for a Droid) and it looks pretty good, especially when placed in the Droid slot of the ship.

The second mini-fig is Zorii Bliss, the new character played by Keri Russell. Not a lot is known about the character other than she helps the heroes on Kajimi and has a history with Poe. The mini-fig is well detailed based on images we have seen of the cha tea cater and the helmet looks pretty spot-on. She comes with two pirate pistols which make me intrigued to see what her weapons look like in the film.

Overall, I really enjoyed building this set, I really like the Lego Y-Wings and this one is no exception. The mini-fig selection is really good with three new characters and two re-designed figures. And it’s making me more excited to see these ships in the film.

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