Spark of Resistance by Justina Ireland (Spoiler Free) Book Review

Well, the ‘Journey to the Rise of Skywalker’ publishing event is, from what I have read so far, pretty darned good.

‘Spark of Resistance’ really helps continue the character arcs for Rey, Rose and Poe that started in ‘Star Wars: Allegiance’ and helps develop them even more and I’m hoping we see these arcs pay off in ‘Resistance Reborn’.

Whilst I haven’t read a few entries in this publishing event, I haven’t read ‘Force Collector’ or the arc in the ‘Star Wars Adventures’ comics or the Finn and Poe ‘Pick Your Own Adventure’ book my Cavan Scott, I really get the feeling that most of them should be required reading before ‘The Rose of Skywalker’ comes out.

The heroes are written really well and all of their interactions with each other really come across spot on and I had no trouble picturing the cast in their roles in this book.

Of course we get a new, obnoxious and obviously canon fodder First Order Commander, Spiftz, who is written just as any First Order officer should be. However, he is easily foiled by most, especially Poe and the scientist Glenna Kip who is initially believed to be working for the First Order but we soon find out is more out for herself as well as being a great help to The Resistance.

Whilst this book is aimed at younger readers (8 – 12) it really doesn’t feel like one, and could in fact be read and enjoyed by all ages.

The new aliens and creatures really make the new planet, Minfar, feel alive and populated and based on its Jungle terrain, it could be a contender for the Jungle planet we have seen in the Trailers and Photos from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.

I can’t recommend this book enough, my feeling is that so far, all of these ‘Journey to the Rise of Skywalker’ have been brilliantly connected with one another and I feel like we can start piecing together a timeline, starting with ‘Allegiance’ and most likely ending with ‘Resistance Reborn’ which I’m sure will lead, either directly into (Mon Cal fleet) or to a few days/weeks before the events of the film, and believe me, I have every intention of reading all of them.

Well worth reading, no matter your age and well connected with other canon novels. I can’t stress it enough how much this book should be read.

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