Speculation: The True Cause of Padmé’s Death

“So the Emperor knows that. Instead of killing Anakin, what does he do? he seduces Anakin. To double the strength of the Dark Side. So what does the force do? It balances us. How? It gives us twins. Luke and Leia. Two and fu***ng two. Balance. And if you look at the movie through just that simple perspective, you will not only know why every single bad guy loses and every single good guy loses, you’ll know who’s going to win and lose in the next fu****g movies. I can tell you, I just don’t want to wreck it.”

Freddie Prinze Jr

By now, most of us have heard the Star Wars rant by Freddie Prinze Jr. and despite the explicit language he hits the nail on the head and according to Prinze Jr., a lot of the things he says about The Force have been told to him by George Lucas (by way of Dave Filoni).

And then I was watching ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and there had always been one thing that I never understood about that film that I think has been cleared up by none-other than the man behind Kanan Jarrus.

If you notice, throughout ‘Revenge of the Sith’, Padmé and Anakin only talk about one baby. Surely Anakin would have been able to sense how many children Padmé was carrying, and he would have told her she was carrying twins.

Well, my theory is as follows, based of FPJ’s rant. Padmé was originally carrying one child, and when Anakin turned, battled Obi-Wan, got burnt to a crisp and became the immortal man in the suit and the old generation of Jedi (Obi-Wan and Yoda) failed in their mission to thwart the Sith, the Force took matters into its own (metaphorical) hands and created the second child and to do that it used Padmé‘s life force, in essence a new Chosen One.

This would explain SO much. Why they only reference one child throughout the whole film until the scenes on Polis Massa. It also makes more sense than Padmé “losing the will to live.” and there being medically nothing wrong with her. The Force is creating a new life, using her own as a catalyst and bringing a balance in the Force.

I could very well be barking up the wrong Wroshyr Tree here but it kind of makes sense, so maybe, just maybe, I could be onto something.

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