Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 5 – Back to Zeffo

“Why does everyone want to go back to Jakku?”

This is my sentiment towards the return to Zeffo. Well, in a good way.

It’s just tough.

The Empire have managed to excavate a new tomb on the planet and it’s up to you to stop them. The Imperial presence has increased and as you make your way back through the abandoned village you take them out. You make your way through to an Imperial Facility that was previously locked (but thanks to a B-D 1 upgrade you can get in) and you make your way through to an old crashed Republic Venator Cruiser which has punched a way through to the underground tombs.

Once you enter the underground labyrinth you encounter The Second Sister and have to face her. Once you have gotten her down to half-health you manage to escape her and B-D 1 saves you as he activates an energy shield to stop her. It’s here that you learn that The Second Sister is actually Trilla, Cere’s former Padawan.

She tells you that when the Empire were torturing Cere, that she gave away the location of Trilla and the younglings they were protecting and it was that betrayal that turned Trilla. She goes on to explain that when Cere found out about her Apprentice joining with the Empire, that she in turn touched the Dark Side, which is why she has now cut herself off from the Force.

Once the conversation ends Cal continues to make his way through, the Imperials come through thick and fast, including more Purge Troopers and Temple Guardians and even an Imperial Gunship which opens more ground for you.

You find the Spire and inside is a diagram of the Zeffo with a key at the Bogano vault. With this information, Cal leaves the temple and makes his way to The Mantis but is unable to get in touch with them.

After crossing a chasm, Cal encounters some sort of mercenary (who reminded me a bit of Firefly from Batman) who uses some sort of toxic gas to knock you out.

This mission allows you to upgrade B-D 1 a couple of times, allowing him to slice Probe Droids and travel up zip-lines which opens up a tonne more space on various levels so in time I may start covering some old ground to level up and open up some new areas.

This Temple gave us some interesting puzzles using various Force abilities as well as the environment, some of which even include specific angles to throw candles at dry plants which can be tough seeing as there’s a lot of water around to put them out.

I preferred this mission of Zeffo over the last one, mainly because I knew what I was in for in terms of mission length and the kind of puzzles that would be in store.

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