#CollectionCorner – Inferno Squad Lego Battlepack

I’m not usually one who goes for the Lego Battle Packs unless there are some decent figures (Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike) or it’s a vehicle that actually appears in a film or show (Imperial Patrol Bike) so when the ‘Inferno Squad’ set was announced I may have gotten a little bit excited.

As a massive fan of the ‘Battlefront 2’ Campaign and Christie Golden’s ‘Inferno Squad’ novel I really wanted to pick up this set that gave us the Lego representation of this great team.

As is true to form with Battle Packs, the box contains two unnumbered bags and the instructions.

The first part of the build is the mini-figs. We get four members of Inferno Squad, Iden Versio (no helmet) and the rest have the standard Trooper head underneath, but you could easily utilise other mini-fig heads to represent Del Meeko, Gideon Hask and Seyn Marana.

The printed helmets look amazing with both the Imperial and Inferno Squad symbols and the red highlights. For characters that aren’t part of the films or TV shows, Lego has done these guys proud.

I love the printed details on the figures. They really look like a Spec-Ops team that we get to know in the novel and later the game and whilst two of them come with standard stud-launcher weapons, the two buildable weapons look pretty good. But there’s no ‘Dio’ droid with them but I’m sure you could do a quick MOC to add their faithful companion to the team.

The vehicle itself is some sort of personal air-speeder with heavy weaponry. It’s a fun little build to put together and I like the design but for me this set wasn’t about the vehicle but the figures.

Overall a decent little set. Great mini-figs and a fun little vehicle. This is the kind of Battlepack set I would like to see more of, interesting new mini-figs rather than another First Order Stormtrooper set.

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