Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse Book Review


So that happened.

‘Resistance Reborn’ is Rebecca Roanhorse’s first foray in the Galaxy Far, Far Away and she did a fantastic job, and given this debut to the franchise I think she will be hot on the heels of Claudia Grey and E.K. Johnston vying for the top-spot.

‘Reborn’ is the “adult” novel from the ‘Journey to the Rise of Skywalker’ and based on events and plot details from all three parts I have read, ‘Reborn’ is the first part of this pseudo-trilogy which really sets up the date of the Resistance in the weeks after the events of ‘The Last Jedi’.

The book covers an essential few days, the remnants of The Resistance are coming together from their separate missions and looking for a safe-haven to establish a base. Leia suggests Ryloth.

Poe sends Black Squadron on missions to locate people who may be sympathetic and join them. Suralinda (from the Poe Dameron comic) and Jess Pava go to Rattattak to find a former Imperial turned warlord whilst Snap and Karé (also from the Poe comic and Snap’s wife) go to Akiva to find Wedge and Snap’s mother, Nora Wexley (from the Aftermath trilogy).

Once they have recruited new and old allies to the cause, Maz Kanata sends them info on a stolen list of possible allies who are on the First Order’s hit-list, some of whom have been sent to labour camps on Corellia where the First Order has taken over the shipyards. Poe leads a group to get the list, Wedge leads another to steal some ships from Corellia and Shriv (of Battlefront 2) leads a team to the planet Bracca (scrapyard planet from Jedi: Fallen Order) to steal ships that are due to be scrapped.

None of the missions go without a hitch, in true Star Wars fashion but in the end are all successful. The casualties are left to the newly introduced characters but that’s not to say that I didn’t spend time getting anxious over the fates of some of the well known characters. I actually got close to emotional at one point, only to breath with a heavy sigh of relief on the next page.

Roanhorse must have done so much research for this book because the list of tie-ins is extensive, it covered a considerable amount of the canon novels, especially the ‘Aftermath Trilogy’ and ‘Blodline’ as well as comics with ties to the ‘Poe Dameron’ comics and games with ‘Jedi: Fallen Order and ‘Battlefront 2’, but none of them feel like fan-service and they are weaves so seamlessly into the story.

The main characters are all written so well, Roanhorse really gets them all so right and it’s great to see the development of the heroes, even after a handful of weeks that have transpired and then the rest of the ‘Journey to the Rise of Skywalker’ stories really follow on from this book giving us some really great character arcs leading in to the new film.

Whether or not we need to have read this to fully appreciate ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is yet to be seen but I can safely say that regardless of that, ‘Resistance Reborn’ is required Star Wars reading and Rebecca Roanhorse needs to come back to the franchise soon.

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