Jedi: Fallen Order Mission 4 – Kashyyyk

As I play through the game I will be writing about each level/mission as rough guide to the storyline, so be warned there will be spoilers.

When you arrive at Kashyyyk and avoid the Imperial Blockade, you find yourself in the midst of a battle between freedom fighters and the Empire. Cal decides to help the Guerrilla fighters and jumps from The Mantis into the ocean where he commandeers an AT-AT. This draws the attention of the freedom fighters leader, Saw Gerrera who points you towards an Imperial Refinery.

After defeating the Imperials guarding the building, Saw tells you that the refinery is full of Wookiee prisoners who he and his Partisans are there to rescue, hoping that at least one of the imprisoned Wookiees know where Tarrful is, Cal joins the fight.

Cal fights his way through the Refinery, taking out Stormtroopers, encountering Imperial Security Droids (think K-2SO without the charm), native giant spiders (not a fan) and your first one-on-one encounters with Purge Troopers (if you’re lucky you can sneak up on one and Force Push it over a ledge without breaking a sweat).

After you free all the Wookiees, you make it to the roof where you fight numerous enemies, including an AT-ST.

B-D 1 also gets two new upgrades, a method of overcharging faulty electrics which you can use to power lifts and doors that previously had none and a hacking device which lets you sabotage Security Droids so they fight with you.

Once the liberation is over, you learn that Tarrful is always on the move, but one of the Wookiees you saved was a part of Tarrful’s group of warriors and as soon as he finds Tarrful, he’ll let Cal know.

En route back to The Mantis, Cere informs you that the Empire has returned to Bogano and has made a new Zeffo discovery, and so the next mission becomes clear.

This mission is much shorter that the last one, which at the time of writing was a blessing, but it still took a good hour to an hour-and-a-half (making my play-time close to the 7 hours point).

The Imperial Walker mechanics are decent and, in my opinion, better than in Battlefront 2’s single player campaign and its incredibly fun to blow stuff up in it.

The introduction of Saw Gerrera is great and adds weight to what is going on on Kashyyyk at this time, and the fact that Forest Whitaker came back to play the character again is great. I really like this tie-in to the greater Star Wars mythos as it adds to the authenticity of the story but isn’t hammering it in too much like ‘Battlefront 2’ throwing in Han, Luke and Leia on their own missions. Whether or not we see Saw again in this game, I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, we will be going back to Kashyyyk to go looking for Tarrful soon.

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