Jedi: Fallen Order – Mission Three (Fly Away on my Zeffo)

As I play through the game I will be writing about each level/mission as rough guide to the storyline, so be warned there will be spoilers.

Once you have made your choice of location (I chose to follow the story and head to Zeffo) you arrive on the planet.

Once you leave the landing pad, you arrive in an abandoned village which is full of Stormtroopers. If you are quiet enough you are able to hear snippets of conversations through which you learn that they are there to locate Zeffo artefacts for The Emperor.

As well as Stormtroopers, you also encounter some native species, a large, burrowing Rat-like species which has a nasty bite and a large goat-like creature that packs a punch with its large horn.

Once you make it through the village and you reach the giant Zeffo statue, you unlock the Zeffo Temple using a large that you manoeuvre into a holder to activate a lift (a sign of things to come).

Once in the temple it’s all about finding your way around and solving puzzles until you are able to learn Force Push which allows you to solve puzzles using the big balls much easier, you also encounter Temple Guardians that are strange automatons that are pretty deadly (they also remind me of the strange statues that Del and Piikow discovered in ‘Inferno Squad’).

The mystery you solve is that Cordova isn’t on the planet, but in the past, the Zeffo were intrigued by the Wookiee’s and some of their architecture was inspired by the Wroshyr Trees, which a holo-recording of Cordova teaches you and says to find Chieftain Tarfful.

Once you escape the Temple and make your way back through the villiage, Cere gets in contact to tell you that an AT-ST is attacking The Mantis. Using your Force powers and lightsaber you make short work of the Walker before talking to the crew about what needs to happen next.

Cere talks to you and tell you the reason she cut herself off from The Force was because she was tortured by the Empire after Order 66. She escaped but the rest of the group she was with, which included her Padawan and some Younglings.

This was the longest mission so far, I had read somewhere that it took someone four hours to complete, well not to brag, but it took me about three.

This mission has it all, action, mystery, Force Lore and seeing as it lasts almost as long as most single player campaigns these days it’s almost worth the price of admission. And that’s just until you get into the Temple. From there you’re almost in Tomb Raider territory, and as someone who has enjoyed a Tomb Raider game or two, I was pretty happy, and it gives me some confidence that if this is what a Star Wars style Tomb Raider game could be then why not do a Doctor Aphra in that style?

Seeing as by this point I have played for around five hours and I still don’t feel like the story is anywhere near finished, let alone the half way mark, I can safely say this game has been a wise investment.

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