Jedi: Fallen Order – Mission 2

As I play through the game I will be writing about each level/mission as rough guide to the storyline, so be warned there will be spoilers.

When you wake up on The Mantis, you can take a quick walk around. You will find a musical instrument which you interact with and start playing music, this is through Cal’s ability of Psychometry, a power we have previously seen the Jedi Master, Quinlan Vos use in ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Dark Disciple’. Cere speaks to you about how she has cut herself off from the Force after witnessing a horrible event (Order 66 maybe?).

At this point, The Mantis lands and you disembark on the planet Bogano. Cere points you in the direction of a large structure in the distance and tell you there is someone that Cal needs to meet.

Cal traverses the planet, which is covered in floating rocks/cliffs and encounters various creatures, two of which are easily dispatched but the third and largest of them is a bit of a pain, they may become easier once you gain experience and expand the skill tree.

Along the way you encounter ‘Rest Spots’ which are essentially Save Points, and at the first one you meet B-D 1, aka, the cutest darned Droid ever.

Once you get to the structure you begin exploring. Through the exploration you learn the wall-run ability which allows you to reach and open the vault.

Once inside, B-D 1 activates a holo-recording of Jedi Master Eno Cordova who tells you that he has hidden a Jedi Holocron with a list of Force Sensitive children in the vault and the only way to get in is to complete tasks on Dathomir and Zeffo.

Cal returns the The Mantis and tells this to Cere, who it turns out was Cordova’s Padawan in the past and she gives you the choice of where to go next.

Ok. So this mission, whilst a decent length and lore building was a pain. Mainly because I am not a fan of lots of jumping around (believe me I am always torn over Mario games) but I managed to get used to the jumping aspect of it over time.

Again the level of detail is phenomenal and is a complete 180 to Barocca, which was industrial, dark, gloomy and atmospheric. Bogano on the other hand is bright, natural and open. There is a lot of jumping (as I stated earlier) as well as climbing and once you learn it, wall running which suddenly opens up even more areas.

The addition of B-D 1 in this level is great and opens up more gameplay options with the little Droid being able to scan the area and give you information in the Databank as well as opening crates which give you essential items such as Stim-Packs (health packs that B-D 1 administers) to coveted lightsaber parts which let you customise your weapon and the much needed Holo-Map.

Speaking of which, the map is huge. And even now there are plenty of unexplored areas which I’m sure will be accessible on future returns to the planet as the story progresses.

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