Jedi: Fallen Order – Mission 1

As I play through the game I will be writing about each level/mission as rough guide to the storyline, so be warned there will be spoilers.

The game starts on the planet Bracca. A planet where engineers have become scrappers and are dismantling old Clone Wars ships.

The story is split into two parts. The first part is a training mission allowing the player to learn to basic controls of running, jumping, climbing etc. You have to reach a set of clamps with your partner.

Once you reach the clamps there is a malfunction and you and your partner start to fall towards a Sarlaac. Cal uses the Force to save his friend, guiding him to a mobile platform that Cal then pilots to safety. All of this is witnessed by a Lrove Droid.

After this, on a train back home, Cal falls asleep and has a vision of his Master before waking up. The passengers are removed from the train and two Inquisitors show up, the Second and Ninth Sisters as well as a group of Purge Troopers.

The Second Sister threatens to kill everyone unless the Jedi reveals themselves. Carl’s friend attempts to create a diversion which allows Cal to get his lightsaber ready and he attacks the Inquisitors after they kill Cal’s friend.

The Ninth Sister throws Cal off a cliff but he falls through the roof of a moving train, leading to the second part of the mission where Cal has to fight his way through various Stormtroopers until he confronts the Second Sister before being saved by Cere on the ship, The Mantis.

Cere introduces Cal to the Mantis’ captain, Greez Dritus and explains about The Inquisitors as well as their own goal to restore the Jedi Order.

In terms of the actual gameplay I’m finding the controls a bit tough to master right now but it’s probably down to the fact I have only just started playing and I do generally live on a diet of First-Person-Shooters. The last 3rd Person game I played was ‘The a Force Unleashed’ and that was last year.

I love the level of detail the designers have gone into, at one point I was trying to figure out which way I had to go, but ended up marvelling at the signs attached to the train written in Aurebesh. Not that I knew what it said, but it’s the little details that really draw me in.

At this point, Cal’s mastery of the Force is rusty and that is evident in his abilities at this point. His lightsaber skills are good and some of the moves you can perform look cool as he makes short work of Stormtroopers.

I must say that, even though the fast pace is pretty fun, I wasn’t expecting the story to be going this fast and would have preferred at least one more level on Bracca which had Cal avoiding the Empire before the reveal and introduction of The Inquisitors. Needless to say I am enjoying it so far despite this minor gripe and can’t wait to dive back in.

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