Speculation: Why Didn’t Anakin Appear to Kylo?

It’s a question many a fan has asked since we first found out about Kylo Ren talking to the burnt mask of Vader.

Then we find out in ‘The Last Jedi’ that the Force Ghosts, well, Yoda at least (and you could assume Obi-Wan and Anakin) knows about Ben Solo’s turn to the Dark Side.

Given Anakin’s history with the Dark Side and the Empire, surely he wouldn’t want his grandson to follow in his Dark Side footsteps by being seduced by a Dark Side user who will manipulate him into doing unspeakable evil.

Part of me wonders if the Creators have got a plan for this to be brought up in another medium, maybe in the ‘Rise of Kylo Ren’ series coming from Charles Soule in December and if they will incorporate what happened in the Legends timeline where Force Ghost Anakin appeared to Leia not long after the Battle of Endor but she wants nothing to do with him and in respect of her wishes he stays away from her and her family, including Ben.

I think that it would make for an interesting story, Anakin’s Force Ghost watching over Ben as he turns but unable to do anything because of his desire to abide by his daughters wishes, the turmoil he would be going through would be devastating.

Maybe he would also be trying to stop Snoke manipulation young Ben but not strong enough. Could Snoke have been blocking him somehow from visiting Ben and then speaking to him through Vader’s mask? I doubt that Anakin would have spoken to anyone through that mask as it was a symbol of all the evil he had done whilst being the Emperor’s pawn.

I imagine Ben would have followed a much different path had Anakin visited him as a young man, still being trained by Luke but feeling that pull to the Dark.

Would that have altered his perception of Vader? Although this could also be the fault of the Galactic media. In Claudia Grey’s novel ‘Bloodline’, once Leia’s parentage is revealed the focus is on Darth Vader and not Anakin Skywalker. If there had been more focus on the final act of Vader, saving Luke from Palpatine which cemented the return of Anakin Skywalker, even for the briefest of moments would mean more to a young and impressionable Ben rather than the hero worship he has for his Grandfathers evil persona.

Whilst the fan base is calling for the return of Hayden Christensen as the Force Ghost of Anakin (which I would love to see), would it be too distracting for the audience? Would Kylo even know who it was, other than the Holocene in Rebels, there doesn’t seem to be any images of Anakin anywhere.

Hopefully we get some answers on this in the future but now the trailer is out there are even more questions on our minds, maybe in the upcoming ‘Rise of Kylo Ren’ comic series which I cannot wait to read.

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