#CollectionCorner – Lego Star Wars Winter 2020 Sets

With the latest Wave of Star Wars Lego on the shelves (both in store and at home) our eyes are turning to the future, specifically the Winter 2020 sets that will hit the shelves December/January.

So far, we already know two sets that will be out next year, possibly in the next wave, that were revealed at SDCC in the summer. One being ‘Luke’s Landspeeder’ (again!?) that comes with Luke, C-3PO a Jawa and some buildable scenery and ‘Obi-Wan’s Hut’ that comes with Luke, Obi-Wan, R2-D2 and a Tusken Raider and I already know which one I will NOT be getting as I got it in 2017 (the Landspeeder).

Other than that, there is a decent list of sets rumoured for release, a fair few Micro-Fighters including a Y-Wing, Kylo’s Shuttle and aBantha vs. Skyhopper two-pack.

As well as the Landspeeder and Kenobi’s Hut sets from the OT, we will be getting a little builder’s Snowspeeder and representing the PT, there is an Anakin vs. Obi-Wan set that I imagine will be like the Duel on Starkiller Base set released earlier this year.

Of course ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is being heavily represented, with TIE Dagger and Resistance X-Wing sets as well as a First Order Trooper Battlepack.

Bringing up the rear is a Battlepack for ‘The Mandalorian’.

Well. I’m not jumping for joy here. I can definitely say I’ll be getting four of these and might consider a couple more, but that depends on the sets and how they differ from previous releases.

I can honestly say I think they are playing it a bit safe here. Only ONE brand new vehicle from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and it’s another TIE Fighter. And the other set is another X-Wing. Come on, there are so many different ships in the film (just look at that one shot in the Trailer) and they are going back to the well. Give us that boat thing we see going towards the Death Star wreckage, at least it would be something different. Even a new B-Wing would be something, seeing as they haven’t released one of those in a while.

And what’s with a single Battlepack for ‘The Mandalorian’? Is that the best that Lego can do? There’s at least one more set idea that would be great, ‘The Razorcrest’ and it’d be a decent size and it’s a new enough design that would get Lego collectors frothing at the mouth. So far we have the AT-ST Raider to go with and as decent as it is, we got an AT-ST a few years ago.

The big gripe for me is the complete lack of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ sets. That show lends itself to Lego sets. Look at how many ships there are and all we have got are two sets, both are TIE Fighters and with the series coming to an end this year you would think that they would try to capitalise on it, just a little bit. At least give us ‘The Fireball’ and a Neeku mini-fig.

Of course, there will be new releases in Sping, Summer and Autumn so there is always the chance of some of these but it just feels like Lego are dragging their heels on all the new content by giving us updates sets or new designs of old vehicles.

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