Star Wars: Allegiance Part 4 – A Rising Tide

Writer – Ethan Sacks

Artist – Luke Ross

Colourist – Lee Loughridge

Letterer – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The conclusion of this mini-series has our heroes escaping their respective tight spots. After the assassination attempt on Mon Cala, Rey and Rose hunt down the would be killer and capture him, Leia brings him before the King and pleads for aid again and the King grants it. As the First Order arrives they escape on the other side of the planet with minor casualties and a fleet of Mon Cal ships.

On the Moon of Avedot, Finn and Poe are under fire from the Bounty Hunters but Finn has a plan and uses an Airspeeder to crash into the ship. He ejects in time and Poe uses his skills to pilot their ship under Finn and rescues him and they escape with most of the weapons.

Whilst this issue does bring the series to a sort of conclusion (it ends with The First Order begins its occupation of Mon Cala) by saying “To Be Continued in The Rise of Skywalker” it feels very rushed, everything ties up very neatly and quickly in the issue. Suddenly Rey is using the Force to protect her and the rest of the crew whereas she’s not really shown that level of power in this series so far. The King changes his mind on the whole ‘banishment’ very quickly and just hands over a fleet of ships.

The only storyline that felt like it played out at a good pace and didn’t rush to the end was the Finn, Poe and BB-8 storyline which was well paced and doesn’t end on a forced cliffhanger, seeing as I don’t think we will be seeing Mon Cala in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.

The First Order has barely a moment to shine as it attacks the planet, we get a few panels of Hux giving orders but I feel like we could have had more, maybe a glimpse at Allegiant General Pryde or a bit more to tie this in with the First Order storyline in the upcoming film.

The art was beautiful as always, Luke Ross really hit me in the feels at one point and built some great excitement in a chase scene at the beginning of the issue.

It’s a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion to an otherwise excellent series and in my opinion a bit of a let down. Everything until the last few pages is well thought out but becomes rushed. I would have liked to see more from The First Order but I really enjoyed seeing the development of Rose, especially in the last couple of issues.

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