“I’m too weak!”

Like Alice, I have fallen down the Rabbit Hole.

I have been unable to restrain myself.

It wasn’t meant to happen this way.

I was doing so well.

I have now dived into ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ spoilers and I’m obsessed with knowing as much as possible.

Before I took my recent time-out, Making Star Wars has begun putting out some heavy spoilers for ‘TROS’ and I was dabbling but ended up making the decision to avoid any further spoilers. I wanted it to be fresh. I wanted to be excited to go in with almost zero knowledge of what was coming. And I was doing so, so well.

And in the past week, since I have started to get back into the community and working on stuff, I have listened to ALL of the recent ‘Now This is Podcasting’ episodes from the past couple of months.

I have a good, solid working knowledge of the plot of ‘TROS’. I listen to other podcasts who are staying spoiler-free and almost want to correct their theories based on what we have learned from MSW.

Granted, there is a chance that some of these things coming from MSW are incorrect, but given Jason’s track record I’m 95% sure he’s got it right, at least the major plot beats.

Granted, it’s a different thing knowing the story and seeing it play out on screen and I still look forward to seeing what actually happens in the film even though I may know the broad strokes. But at the same time, I (like many others) have been chomping at the bit for any news on the story of ‘TROS’ and now I have a good idea of what’s coming I’m even more excited.

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