Star Wars: Allegiance Part 2 – Troubled Waters Review

Writer – Ethan Sacks

Artist – Luke Ross

Colourist – Lee Loughridge

Letterer – VC’s Clayton Cowles

Starting where Issue 1 left off, Leia is being confronted by a gang of Quarren and Mon Cal but the gang is broken up by Aftab, the son of Admiral Ackbar. After paying her respects, Aftab takes the General to meet the King of Mon Cala and the ruling council to whom Leia pleads for their help in the fight against the First Order.

Meanwhile, at the Falcon, Rey, Rose and Chewie are attacked by a gang of Quarren. Rey, who has been itching for a fight all issue easily leads the group in fighting back whilst a Quarren leader contacts General Hux.

Finn and Poe are still on their mission to find a hidden cache of Republic weapons. They are successful but the Bounty Hunters find them and manage to corner them and BB-8 in a room with one door and no exit.

Meanwhile, the First Order continues their hunt for the Resistance by taking over the planet Fondor and its shipyards, with Kylo Ren beheading the planets leader (I think).

The story is picking up the pace in this issue and is leaving our heroes in some sticky situations which are definitely making me want the next issue to come out now rather than next week.

It was great to see some action where the Resistance members are working together, showing us that they are becoming a well oiled team. Rey is still without her lightsaber but uses he staff very effectively with her natural skills as well as using the Force, leading me to believe that this series is set after Justina Ireland’s ‘Spark of Resistance’ book which shows Rey struggling to use her Force abilities.

Seeing Finn and Poe working together is good fun, and Finn is really stepping up as a leader in this issue and the Bounty Hunters who are after Finn are starting to pose a very real threat after taking out the rest of their team.

Kylo and the First Order don’t have a massive role in this issue, basically they are continuing their swathe of destruction chasing down the Resistance and showing how ruthlessly brutal they are in their methods.

The writing and art continues to be spot on and the characters really shine. My only gripe is that out of the three Rose-centric moments, one of them has her and Rey talking about Finn, with Rose asking if Rey if she thinks he is ok. Whilst not out of place knowing that there is something going on between Rose and Finn, I feel that it takes away from her two really kick-ass moments where she is either kicking-butt or about to I lease blaster fury and it ends up taking away from one of the few quiet moments of the issue. I get that it’s used as a way to move to focus of the story to Finn and Poe but it could have been done a bit better, perhaps having Rey’s rant about not being out there fighting and being stuck on this mission.

Speaking of Rey, she is incredibly frustrated. We got hits of it in Issue 1 but now we get some more time with her we really get to find out how worked up she is getting not being out there on the front lines and I hope this character arc here is something that we will see paying off in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’.

Issue 2 really keeps the pace of the story moving at breakneck speed and it’s incredibly enjoyable. I’m really enjoying this mini-series so far and am really excited to get the next issue.

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