Triple Force Fail

This years “big” roll out of new Star Wars merchandise hasn’t exactly gone with a bang has it?

There are people all over the world (well, all over Facebook and Twitter) that are complaining about the lack of selection wherever they have gone to buy the new toys.

I for one have visited the local Smyths Toys store, and after feeling pretty positive, given the amount of online promotion on Social Media and their stock online, I was sure there would be masses on sale.


I wish I had taken a picture, but Lego aside there was a Remote Controlled D-O, and not the one controlled via phone or app and I think there was at least one ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ Darth Vader. The rest was from previous waves.

My disappointment was strong.

Granted, the new Lego sets were available (as well as a lot of older sets), but it was with very little fanfare, and they shared the shelves with the new ‘Frozen II’ Lego sets.

Honestly, there was more ‘Frozen II’ merchandise on hand, and they were released the same day.

I scoured the aisles looking for any other Star Wars stuff and there was nothing else.

But where did it all go so very wrong?

Well let’s take a look at some recent history. When the first ‘Force Friday’ happened there was so much buzz for a glimpse at ‘The Force Awakens’. We wanted to see all of it. And at the time I was collecting the 3.75 figures so I went a bit crazy. But they hype was rampant. There was excitement for it and a lot of places did special openings and events.

The same went for ‘Rogue Friday’ in the run up to ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and I was able to get my hands on the Lego U-Wing and the next day was lucky to pick up some of the new POP! Vinyl figures but there weren’t much left, and buying online was held up with back orders.

Then the following year for ‘The Last Jedi’ seemed to take off really well.

But then again, all three of those had masses of promotion.

But then again, Hasbro went on record after ‘The Last Jedi’ saying that there had been diminishing returns due to there being too much available.

We finally got news about ‘Wookiee Weekend’, about a month before the release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, and I can speak from experience in that the release (in the UK at least) was poor. Although in other territories it seemed to be much better. Honestly, other than Lego, I didn’t see a single ‘Solo’ figure until late 2018.

And here we are now. Triple Force Friday came and went and like I said before, many fans have been left disappointed. There are fans who have had some extremely great hauls but others who have done massive journeys only to be left disappointed, only to spend more on fuel than collectibles.

We can only hope that, despite this rather poor display from retailers, that over the next couple of months before the release of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ sees a rise in promotion and shelf space.

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