Darth Vader: No More Mystery

Am I the only one who thinks we are getting too much Vader content at the moment.

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the Canon got reset I feel like the character who had this air of mystery, not about their identity but about their actions, is slowly losing that mystery thanks to all of the books/comics/games based on none other than Darth Vader.

When I first met the character in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ I couldn’t believe there was this villain who had such a presence and hurt/killed so many people (Luke, Han, Leia, his crew) and yet I wanted to know so much more about him.

I mean come on, that shot of the back of his head as the helmet lowers down. The fact that he was so evil BUT there was someone worse (The Emperor) who he was afraid of. And was he really telling Luke the truth in that scene?

Then I got to see ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ and wow. His whole story in the Original Trilogy just blew me away (and I was 7). And I wasn’t the only one who wanted to know about Anakin Skywalker becoming Vader. How did he end up looking so messed up and needing the suit to survive. How did he come to serve Palpatine?

And we finally got that with the Prequel Trilogy and ‘The Clone Wars’. Anakin’s rise through the Jedi and his fall to the Dark and the story was great.

But there was that 19 year gap where he obviously hunted down the remaining Jedi and helped the Empire flourish. And there was enough mystery there to keep us wondering and we would fill in the blanks.

Sure we got some stories from Dark Horse Comics and he featured heavily in the two ‘Force Unleashed’ games but we didn’t get too much information, leaving Vader with that mystery.

But since the reset we have had a lot of Vader content, and I’m not including his appearance in ‘Rogue One’ in this as he wasn’t used as a main character and didn’t go through an arc or character development.

What I am talking about here are the (so far) four Comic series, the two 25 issue runs from Kieron Gillen and Charles Soule and two mini-series, ‘Target Vader’ and ‘Vader – Dark Visions’, Paul S. Kemp’ ‘Lords of the Sith’ and the new ‘Vader: Immortal’ VR game.

Whilst I have enjoyed some of this content (I haven’t consumed all of it yet) I really feel that Vader is basically becoming the go-to character for extra content because he is guaranteed to generate interest. But in all that interest I feel like he is losing that air of mystery that enthralled us fans in the Original Trilogy.

I hope that, after ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is released we will get content away from the legacy characters, let Vader retain some mystery and give us stories set after ‘Return of the Jedi’ or even before ‘Phantom Menace’. There are endless possibilities to explore, I just pray that Vader becomes so overused that his actions onscreen become meaningless.

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