The Rise of Skywalker D23 Footage Analysis

Before we start, let’s take a look at that ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ footage from D23. You can check it out HERE.

Ok. Damn that’s some sweet footage.

Let’s skip over the first minute or so with the footage from the previous films from the Skywalker Saga and focus on the new stuff.

The first shot is on Pasaana of Rey, Fin, Poe, Chewie and Threepio as they walk around some rocks (just behind we can see the back end of the Falcon), and if you look closely you can see Poe look relieved. We then cut to a shot behind them showing some sort of Market or Festival with bursts of coloured dust/sand.

This confirms the Marketplace rumours that came from the Jordan set so I anticipate the heroes visiting the Market, probably to hide out before The First Order arrive.

Then to the previously seen Jungle Planet for a quick shot of General Leia. The CGI work to change Carrie Fisher’s hair, clothes and her ageing is flawless. I really can’t wait to see how the film utilises her character.

We then get two of the big “Holy GONK” (listen to Jammed Transmissions to get that reference) of this footage. First we see the Resistance fleet coming out of Hyperspace. We’ve got X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings and oh yes, B-Wings (let’s pray for a new Lego Version in the future) not to forget the Blockade Runner (Tantive IV?). Then that gets pushed out of the way with ” Holy GONK!” number two when we see the fricking fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers. This then cuts to a worried looking Finn and Jannah in a cockpit of some variety.

Who’s that Droid? I don’t recognise it with the red eyes. Old joke I know. Threepio looking a bit off. I have heard rumours about this recently and they are very intriguing but I’ll not go into it to avoid any major spoilers.

A deadly looking red laser beam hitting a snowy planet (Kajimi?). It doesn’t look to be doing a ‘Starkiller’ amount of damage buts it’s deadly whatever it is.

And then we are back to the jungle and Rey throws the legacy saber through the trees (a training remote barely dodges out of the way) and it returns to her hand and she has a red scarf wrapped around her for some unknown reason. This is probably tied into the shot of Leia from earlier in the Trailer and other shots of the two of them we have seen.

The Emperor gets a moment to shine in a voiceover, “Your journey nears its end.”

As Kylo walks away from his new TIE Something-or-Other on a snow covered surface and ignites his weapon, dragging the blade across the ground.

He approaches Rey, stood on the possible wreckage of the Second Death Star in the Endor Ocean and their blades meet.

It cuts to black, we hear Vader breathing, a thunder clap and then BOOM! The biggest “HOLY GONK!!!” moment in this trilogy.




Then she flicks her wrist and the lightsaber unfolds to make a double blades lightsaber.

Cut to the title, the music swells and the crowd goes GONKING nuts.

All in all a fantastic look at the new film. I’m more excited than ever and have so many questions it’s unbelievable.

Only a few months to go.

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